Her New Boyfriend Better Not Be Trouble

Rita Ora's last breakup didn't go over very smoothly, but she's reportedly back on the dating horse after her split from Calvin Harris. In early August, Page Six reported that Rita Ora is dating rapper Ricky Hil, although you might know him by his full name: Richard Hilfiger, son of that Hilfiger. Us Magazine quickly followed, confirming the new relationship. While neither party has addressed the rumors (outwardly, at least), they've been spotted together enough times to fuel speculation.

Hilfiger is a working rapper based in Los Angeles. According to the Page Six piece that first linked the pair, Hilfiger and Ora have "known each other for a couple of years," and have "been writing music together" at his home.

While Ricky Hil might be part of the respected Hilfiger family, he's gained quite the notoriety. A 2011 profile in the New York Observer soiled his reputation for years to come, portraying him in a pretty negative light. Dan Duray, the author who penned the story, followed Hilfiger for a night, and wrote about the hijinks that ensued — like this anecdote from the recording studio:

Not 10 minutes after a fruit platter arrived, Rich and Panther took to an outdoor balcony to wing it at pedestrians walking in the drizzly night below. They didn’t hit anyone, but one woman may have noticed an orange.

Yikes. Unsurprisingly, Hilfiger was upset with how the profile turned out, telling Styleite that "it just made [him] sad."

John Sciulli/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Granted, this profile is from three years ago, and it wouldn't be fair to him or Ora to jump to any conclusions about who Hilfiger is now. After all, people change. And it does seem like Hilfiger is doing better than he was back at the height of his infamy.

While there's no word on his collaboration with Ora, Hilfiger has been working on an album called Suicide Watch, according to his Twitter account. His designer father is a supporter of his musical pursuits, which is one of the more positive anecdotes that emerges from the Observer profile, along with the fact that he counts the phrase "I love you, Dad" among his many tattoos. Hilfiger elaborated on his relationship with his father to Styleite saying, "I text him every night... I call him whenever I need him, add that’s why we have the best relationship."

It's unclear what this new relationship means for Ora's relationship with DKNY (will she model for Tommy Hilfiger next season to avoid awkward family dinners?), but I just hope she and Hilfiger make each other happy. Ora has had a rough time with relationships recently, and the last thing she needs is more drama.

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