11 Edible Gifts, So You Can Channel Your Inner Taylor Swift

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Say what you want about Taylor Swift — the girl knows how to DIY. We’ve seen it all, from watercolors to Drake-themed needlepoints, but the best Swiftian craft? Edible gifts, hands down. How could you resist a Kanye-inspired jam jar? Chocolate chip cookies at your bridal shower? Apple pie with a lattice crust on top? We may be hard on you, Tay — but it’s only because we want to be best friends.

This week, though, let’s do one better than dear old Swiftie. Put on your favorite cat sweater and get crafty, because we’re sharing our best, gift-worthy recipes, from crunchy granola to adorable madeleines. Make these recipes for a loved one, for Ed Sheeran, or for weekdays, just because. Then, when all’s said and done, crown them with a bow and tuck in a handwritten note for good measure. Game on, Tay.

Image: My Name Is Yeh

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