Hold Onto Your Butts: Miley's Going to the VMAs

by Mallory Schlossberg

It may be tough to believe it, but Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke's notorious VMA performance was a whole year ago. My, how time flies when someone's doing weird things to a foam finger. Us Weekly reports that despite last year's on-stage debauchery, Miley Cyrus will be in attendance at this year's VMAs. Girl's gotta represent.

In fact, Cyrus' team released this news with a tweet that said: "BREAKING: Miley will attend the VMAs Sunday night," as though people might assume that she wouldn't. As if Ms. Cyrus, to whom the word "shame" does not exist, would not want to show up after a whole year of events. Puh-leez. Of course she's going this year. (Thicke, on the other hand, might feel differently. No word yet on whether or not he'll appear at the 2014 VMAS.)

Also, Cyrus is up for an award for "Wrecking Ball," to which, admit it, you know all of the words. But will she be in the audience this year, or will she be gracing us with her twerking on-stage presence? If she does decide to dance on stage, it's unlikely that she would steal any attention away from the A-plus roster of performances. The combination of Beyoncé, "Bang Bang," and a waterfall of tears prompted by Sam Smith's music completely usurps any tongue wagging whatsoever.

Sorry, Miley, it just ain't your year at the VMAs.