A 'Mean Girls' Reunion At the VMAs? Crazier Things Have Happened

The Video Music Awards are already gearing up to be an insane night, but now that The Wrap is predicting a Mean Girls reunion at the VMAs, it seems like this show has the potential to spontaneously combust. This is the opposite of a Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke collaboration — this is —wait for it . . . fetch. (You totally saw that coming, didn't you?)

OK, so I should probably clarify that it's "predicted" — MTV has yet to say verbatim that we should prepare our hearts for Lindsay Lohan, Tina Fey, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, Lacey Chabert, and Lizzy Caplan to grace the stage as a single unit. But when Lindsay Lohan and Tina Fey posed for a photo together earlier in the week, hearts started racing with the thought of the sheer possibility of a reunion.

The show's executive producer, Jesse Ignjatovic, told The Wrap it's possible, but not definite:

We would love that [...] We'll see [...] I mean, those are the types of things that come about at the last minute. That would be amazing. Lindsay was great last night on [Jimmy] Fallon, doing the bucket challenge. So that would be great

"That would be great." Yes, it would be great. In fact, it would be more than great — it would unfreakingbelievable. But what exactly does he mean by "that?" "That" as in a Mean Girls reunion, or "that" as in an ice bucket challenge . . . involving Regina George & Co.? Do Ignjatovic and MTV have some surprises up their sleeves?

Until we find out for sure on Aug. 24, we can at least acknowledge that there are some plausible ways that there could be at least a semi Mean Girls reunion, such as . . .

A Mean Girls Ice Bucket Challenge


Judging by what Ignjatovic told The Wrap, it sounds like he likes LiLo + ice water, but if there's anyone who needs to get doused in ice water, it's Regina George. For further reference:

"Jingle Bell Rock" Live

Snugglefoots on YouTube

Wouldn't it be incredible to heavily anticipate the live performance "Bang Bang" with this all-female performance? (And maybe this would be LiLo's grand opportunity to have a second attempt at a music career.)

All of the cast gathers to present an award

Paramount Pictures

This seems a tad fanciful. All of the cast? Perhaps just a few might have the opportunity to reunite. It still be pretty sweet.

Amanda Seyfried presents an award dressed as a mouse, duh

Best Halloween costume ever, right?

Tina Fey & LiLo Part 2

Oprah couldn't get LiLo to get her act together, but perhaps TINA can!

MTV Has Its Own Burn Book

Miley and Robin Thicke would have probably special places in it on account of last year's notorious and historical tale of twerking.

MTV bakes a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone eats and is happy . . .

Or that.

It doesn't seem too farfetched to assume that the unthinkable could happen. And besides, it's the VMAs. Crazy shit thrives there. Hell, crazy shit is born there.

Images: lindsaylohan/Instagram; Giphy (3); Paramount PIctures; weheartit