Where is Glamm Magazine in Kim Kardashian's iPhone Game? It's Easier to Find Than It Seems

The Kim Kardashian iPhone game now has 13 locations, since Kim added London to the roster last week. And each of those 13 locations can have up to three buildings to visit; usually some combination of restaurants, magazines, and houses for sale. That means there are about 40 different businesses you can visit in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Without a map that can make finding the place you're supposed to visit for a photo shoot nearly impossible. Like, where the heck is Glamm magazine in Kim Kardashian's game?

Unlike with restaurants like La Rue or El Canario, there is no clue in the name. It's pretty easy to guess that those two places are in Paris, France and Punta Mita, Mexico respectively. But where is Glamm? Recently, Simon assigned me a magazine shoot there and I was at a loss. Sure, I could simply have my avatar hop from location to location until I found what I was looking for, but that would cost a fortune in plane tickets. Sadly, despite how often I play this game, Glamm magazine's location remains a constant mystery. But it turns out, that's its own clue: it had to be in a place I don't often go to. But which one? Ugh, come on, Kim. Couldn't you have had Simon just tell me where to go?

Well, I knew it couldn't be in California. Because it's cheap to move around the Cali locations, I frequent them to check for energy behind bushes, under pigeons, and growing on trees. I've become pretty familiar with the west coast locations and I knew Glamm wasn't there.

I knew it also couldn't be in one of the game's more recently added places: London, Paris, or Punta Mita because I recalled Glamm photo shoots back when I first started playing. That left Miami, New York, and Las Vegas.

But then I remembered. Glamm came in the one place where I didn't own a home, because there was none to purchase there. My NY apartment and Miami beach house ruled out those two locations, and I was left with the answer: Glamm magazine is in Las Vegas. So I hopped on a plane and jetted off to finally begin my photo shoot.

Ah Sin City, how my avatar has missed you. I promise it won't be so long before I'm back again next time, now that I've finally figured out where Glamm is.

Images: Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (2); crushable