Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon's Separation: Should We Be Worried For Mariah?

Things aren't looking good for Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey. After much speculation amid an onslaught of conflicting divorce rumors, Cannon confirmed last Thursday that he and Carey are separating, saying, “There is trouble in paradise. We have been living in separate houses for a few months.” Unfortunately, Cannon's candid remarks on the divorce were not part of the plan he and Carey had verbally agreed to, and reportedly, Carey wasn't please to hear that Cannon had gone against her wishes to keep the separation private.

Following the incident, TMZ reported that Carey had Cannon sign a confidentiality agreement, which prohibits him from speaking publicly about the divorce, but since then, the Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey separation saga only seems to be getting worse. Sadly for the former couple's two children, Carey and Cannon are reportedly in the midst of an ugly custody battle, but both insist that their "main focus" is their children.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

However, it seems Cannon insists on setting the record the straight, even if it means revealing more private details about the couple's marriage and keeping the rumor mill working. According to TMZ, "Nick Cannon is the one who decided to bail on his marriage -- not Mariah. Nick has made it clear to all involved ... he's deeply concerned about Mariah's emotional state and is ending the marriage for the well being of their kids. He believes the environment around Mariah is toxic and fears for his kids." Cannon's reported comments are only increasing the speculation about Carey's well-being. His allegations of a "toxic" home situation and unsafe living environment for the couple's children, and his questioning of Carey's "emotional state", definitely aren't helping what is quickly turning into a seriously awful situation.