Watch the MTV VMA Red Carpet Online For a Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Show — VIDEO

It's only a matter of minutes now until the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards take over The Forum in Inglewood, Calif., but why wait for the 8 p.m. ET pre-show, or the 9 p.m. ET live awards show when you can watch the VMA red carpet live-stream online? The network has graciously provided fans with what we all want: more access. Granted, the red carpet live-stream is a little eerie — there isn't a host, there's no commentating, there are hardly any captions — but it's great if you want a first glimpse at the VMA arrivals. What will Taylor Swift wear? Will Lucy Hale look cool? Will 5 Seconds of Summer illicit the most screams, or will the crowd in the bleachers reserve their windpipe strength for the one and only Beyoncé?

And that's just it about the live-stream; all you can hear are the screams and yelps from the crowd, which, if I were to make a guess based on pitch, is made up of many, many very enthusiastic young women. Hell, I know if I was there, I'd scream my face off, too. It's what you do when you see celebs. Everyone knows that.

Anyway, beside the silence punctuated with sudden shrieks of happiness, the MTV VMAs red carpet live-stream also offers a behind-the-scenes aspect: The camera angles are listed in the top left of the screen, and you can see just how chaotic the red carpet really is. For every celebrity, there are 47 handlers wearing black, rocking some serious credentials, and donning the requisite head-set. It's a beautiful mess.

So before the VMAs pre-show starts, enjoy the live-stream below. And check out Bustle throughout the night. When it comes to the VMAs, we gotcha covered.