Beyonce's VMA Performance May Include Her Entire Album & Hopefully This Will Put the Focus Back on Her Music — PHOTO

Upon receiving confirmation that this year's VMAs would feature a Beyoncé performance, the world promptly set about the typical feverish speculation that drastically heightens after every single Beyoncé-related announcement. One of the rumors claimed Bey will address her reported marriage troubles when she takes the stage on Sunday. But the "facts only" column listed the "Drunk in Love" singer as the recipient of the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, and accurately predicted that Beyoncé's VMA performance will be fierce. If you're questioning how that last statement qualifies as a fact even though the show has yet to air, allow me to refer you to the list of things to never ask a Beyoncé fan. Everyone knows her performances are guaranteed hotness, and if there's any truth to reports that Beyoncé will perform her entire album, then MTV may as well have the fire department on standby.According to Complex, a picture of the VMAs set list somehow found its way onto Twitter, and judging by it the details it contains, Queen Bey's VMAs performance will include a 15-minute medley that includes every song off of her self-titled, visual album. If this happens, then millions of Beyhive members will likely declare themselves completely and utterly fulfilled.

In addition to slaying the lives of her most dedicated fans, if this performance actually takes place in the manner that the supposed set list suggests, let's hope it will serve as a more effective strategy to dismantling rumors than those picturesque family photos she shares. After all, 15 minutes of Beyoncé performing is practically a mini-concert, which just might produce enough of a frenzy to get everyone's minds out of the divorce gutter by shifting the focus back where it belongs—on her music.