Winter Arrives In the Form of an Ice Bucket

Everybody is taking on the ice bucket challenge, so naturally, your boy GRRM had to join the viral party, as well. So behold: George R. R. Martin's ice bucket challenge video. Fortunately for all of us (GRRM included), it's not a violent ice-bath, stylized to match the nature of his gory Game of Thrones books. There's ice, but there's no blood. Benedict Cumberbatch's epic Cumber-ice-athon it is not — nor is it Patrick Stewart's class act of swilling a drink after signing a check — but you know what? It's a cute video. He's enthusiastic, and he's part of the larger cause. It's an ice bucket challenge video, and it's George R. R. Martin. What else could you want?

Oh — I know. Game of Thrones references. Fortunately for you Throne-heads, Martin does shout out, "what is dead may never die," a quote that is all too familiar to Game of Thrones fans. Are you now gunning for an Ice Wedding video, an Ice Bucket Challenge video modeled after the notorious Red Wedding, except with the Starks getting iced instead of getting killed? 'Cause I know I am.

But that's besides the point. The man behind Game of Thrones has gotten iced. Check it out below.