Aaron Paul's 1999 Corn Pops Commercial Would Make Jesse Pinkman Proud — VIDEO

Fashion isn't the only reason to watch awards show red carpets. Don't believe me? So far at the 2014 Emmys red carpet we've found out that Hayden Panettiere is pregnant with a girl, that Giuliana Rancic seriously hates Ryan Seacrest, and most importantly, that Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul was in a Corn Pops commercial. Some huge Paul fans may have already stumbled upon the commercial, or those with a knack for memorizing faces from 1999 cereal commercials. But on the Emmys red carpet, Paul let everyone watching know that he was in a Pops commercial and his amazing wife Lauren Parsekian let them know that she's proud of his performance.

Paul, however, does not feel the same way. The commercial actually came up when Giuliana Rancic asked him which of his past performances weren't exactly Emmy worthy. Veronica Mars fans were probably hoping for a shoutout to Paul's guest appearance on the series as a sleaze-ball who makes Girls Gone Wild-esque videos and is suspect in one Veronica's cases. But it seems that Paul is proud of that performance, as he named the Pops commercial as the non-Emmy gig. So who's side are you on, Paul or Parsekian? Watch the video below to decide.

SuperDuperEggs on YouTube

I don't think Paul has anything to be ashamed of, if anything, that role was preparation for Jesse. Maybe the commercial was a very elaborate prequel, showing the more innocent Jesse who was only concerned with breakfast before getting involved with Mr. White. Obviously if anyone's a fan of this commercial, it's Walter Jr.

Thank you, Aaron Paul, for bringing that commercial to our attention. Next time I'm binging Breaking Bad and need a break from all of the bleakness, I'll just put it on loop and remember when all Jesse had to have was his Pops.