'Raising Asia' Star & Sister Bella Blu Isn't A Dancer, But She Has Some Talents of Her Own

Okay so we all know who Asia Monet Ray is at this point, right? Just a quick refresher: She has her own Lifetime docuseries called Raising Asia about her life. She was on Season 3 of Dance Moms. She has a self-entitled debut album called Asia Monet, and she's a bonafide triple threat: a singer, an actress, and a dancer. One person you might not know, however, is Asia's sister Bella Blu.

The people who are actually raising Asia and Bella, their parents Shawn and Kristie Ray, have enough star power between them to light up the NYC skyline. Shawn was a professional bodybuilder who competed in numerous tournaments, and Kristie was a professional model and fitness aficionado. It would seem athleticism, beauty, and talent run in the family genes. Is it something in the water or am I missing something? But, neither Shawn or Kristie are dancers, so where does all that dance talent come from and has it been passed down the Ray lineage to youngest family member?

At the moment, Asia is the only one twirling her way into the spotlight, but Bella has plenty of potential too and may well be on her way. Bella has expressed no explicit interest in dancing particularly, but she does love gymnastics.

But who knows, she's only six. She may need another year or two to decide if dancing could be one of her passions. Her nine-year-old sister, Asia, has the dancing bug for sure, but in an interview, Bella shook off dancing in favor of singing.

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I'm still going to hold out hope for Bella to become the Solange to Asia's Beyoncé.

I see some similarities budding already.

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