'Finding Carter' Season 2 Might Show More of Elizabeth's Backstory, According to Cynthia Watros

We've got a long road ahead of us, Finding Carter fans. MTV announced last week that Finding Carter was renewed for Season 2 and my head was spinning trying to figure out how the series could possibly top its first season. I mean, this show is amazing and if you're not already emotionally invested in the wellbeing of Max and Taylor's relationship, you will be soon. But what will happen in Season 2, besides (hopefully) the continuation of Max and Taylor's perfect romance? Finding Carter 's Elizabeth, Cynthia Watros, opened up to Bustle about the possibility of learning her character's backstory next season.

According to Watros, the rest of this season's episodes are pretty jam-packed with drama. "I think the remainder of this season is really going to be about a lot going on," she says. "I don't know how much you're going to see of before and Elizabeth's backstory." That's something I'd started to wonder about early in this season, but that became especially intriguing when Bustle writer Nicole Pomarico presented the theory that Elizabeth's mother, Grandma Joan, might be involved in Carter's kidnapping.

So, can we expect to get that out of Season 2? The first season of Finding Carter has been less about the time during/before Carter's kidnapping (except for her flashbacks of Lori) and more about where the family's at right now. That's where all of the action is, so it makes perfect sense. But as fans keep speculating about David being involved in Carter's kidnapping, MTV's going to have to give us the answers at some point.

According to Watros, it could be really soon — like, next season soon — as the actress tells me, "I think it'd be next season where we'd find out the whole backstory about David and Elizabeth and what happened to them in their lives, maybe before the kidnapping or during those years."

Which is exactly what we all need to know, right? We already learned that Elizabeth's grief drove her to shut herself down and join the police force with the ambition of being the one to find her missing daughter. But delving into those lost years, seeing first-hand how the kidnapping affected David and Elizabeth's relationship, and who they were as people and parents, is important to unraveling the mystery of how this happened in the first place.

Aside from all of that untapped potential for flashbacks, we're guaranteed to see more of Elizabeth and Carter's relationship development. Following the "truth explosion" that came from Elizabeth's affair confession and the reveal that David never planned a meeting with Lori, the pair definitely took steps backward in their relationship. And I definitely think it's safe to assume that Finding Carter Season 1 won't end with Elizabeth and Carter tying a neat little bow on their mother-daughter relationship.

"I think she's understanding Carter a little bit more," Watros says of Elizabeth's relationship with her newly returned daughter. "And understanding how to get through to Carter. Does she fully understand? No, so I think there'll be conflict still."

Will she ever understand is the real question, right? Well, actually, it might be: When does Finding Carter Season 2 start? Because I can't wait.

Images: MTV