Weird Al's Emmys Tribute Song Was Cut Short: 4 TV Mentions He Should Have Included — VIDEOS

Love it or hate it, Weird Al Yankovic's musical tribute to television shows based on the shows' theme songs was one of the biggest moments of the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards. He took on some of the biggest shows of this past year: Mad Men, Modern Family, True Detective, Scandal, Homeland, and the unforgettable Game of Thrones bit with Adam Samberg as Joffrey.

But as Yankovic tells Vulture, that wasn't all there was to his performance. Yankovic said that there were both Downton Abbey and True Detective bits that were cut from the show for time. And they sound pretty great — Yankovic teases one of the lines from the True Detective song: “It was like Starsky & Hutch — if Nietzsche had written it.”

So what other shows did Weird Al Yankovic leave out? Sure, he poked fun at some of the biggest drama shows, but the only comedy he poked fun of was Modern Family. There are a lot of television theme songs out there that are ripe for comedy and a lot of shows that are just begging to be made fun of, so here are some of the shows that Weird Al Yankovic left out of his primetime television medley....


The Big Bang Theory

Madafackers :) on YouTube

First of all, The Big Bang Theory has a wordy theme song that's practically begging to be replaced with jokes. And there are a lot of jokes to make about the show: The tired jokes about nerds? The fact that only your most annoying Facebook friends watch it? The fact that it's a critical failure yet continues to win Emmys on the strength of Jim Parsons alone? And even CBS is a joke — it's the network your grandparents fall asleep to. C'mon, just take your pick.

Orange is the New Black

Netflix on YouTube

We already know that Orange is the New Black didn't get nearly enough love from the Emmys. And it's theme song is so spoof-able, it's hard to believe that it got overlooked yet again. This is a show where a woman named Crazy Eyes peed on the floor, and no one could think of a single joke to write about it?

House of Cards

Brad Turner on YouTube

Kevin Spacey's characters are always great joke material, and this one might have the most — a ruthless Southerner who consistently breaks the fourth wall? At the very least, someone has a bad Southern accent they can pull out. Plus, singing a parody song to the vaguely creepy, vaguely patriotic House of Cards theme song would be gold.



The theme song is already goofy enough. But add to the fact that Louie is the only "comedy" that can also be immensely depressing, and there's enough cognitive dissonance in there for some humor. After all, what other comedy would have an episode as simple and nihilistic as "Louie sees a homeless man get run over on the way to a date"?