Nicki Minaj & Drake Buy Snacks Together 'Cause He's the Best at Second Dates — VIDEO

Drake is a man of many talents. A musician, sometimes comedian, and my favorite Degrassi cast member, he can now add "king of second dates" to his long list of titles. The last time we saw Drake, he was sitting in a grey room by himself, mouth agape, reveling in the aftermath of a solo twerk performance by his good friend, Nicki Minaj. Like many of us, he needed a moment to digest everything that happened in Minaj's "Anaconda" video. It seems Drizzy found his way out of Minaj's twerk chamber, fully recovering from his trance (some people are still not there) and reuniting with his friend in the outside world. Most recently, Drake and Nicki Minaj bought snacks together on took a trip to the local convenience store. They perused, they joked about diets, and Drake offered to pay — wait, is this a late night snack run, or a second date? We left Drake either admiring Minaj or processing how twerking affects friendships in "Anaconda." Now, he follows up in the cutest — and most gentlemanly — way ever.

Now, the rappers are not dating. Drake is supposedly back on with Rihanna (good for them!), and Minaj has gone on the record saying that artists dating artists doesn't work: "Two artists [dating] — that's hard." But, in that same interview with Capital Xtra, Minaj revealed the secrets to wooing her friend Drizzy. We've all seen the power Minaj has over Drake, so it's safe to say she knows what she's talking about.

Regardless of their relationship statuses, the two friends spent some quality time at a convenience store. Minaj took a break from filming the "She Came to Give It to You" video with Usher. As they stroll past the Cheetos and Frito Lays, Drizzy softly tells Minaj, "Get whatever you want want." And, she dutifully dives directly into the Cheez-Its because, when a guy offers to pay for snacks, you don't decline for the sake of politeness.

Nicki Minaj on YouTube

If this is what Drake considers a second date, you can go ahead and put my name in the ring. He's charming, polite, and likes Nutella (as we learn at the 0:35 mark) — so, really, he's the full package.

Drake has really blossomed in the public eye. He's let us know more of his personality as his star power has risen, and he finally shed his Degrassi roots (although, we'll never forget). Using information I've gathered from the public record, I dug deeper into Drake's date behavior — or, what I imagine Drake to be like on a second date. Because, I'm totally open to that, Drizzy. Just saying.

He'll take you somewhere low-key

You'll go to a convenience store or a CVS because he doesn't want to seem pretentious. After all, he started from the bottom. Although, now...

You'll go dancing

Maybe you'll dance in the convenience store. He has a history of that. And, because he's a natural dancer.

He'll be respectful

He's not going to kiss and tell. He's a Canadian gentleman!

You know you can trust a man that checks for lint courtside at a basketball game.

He'll sneak in a selfie

Pics or it didn't happen.

On the third date, maybe you'll start to meet his friends

That is, if it's going really well. You might need to wait until he puts a ring on it to meet Beyoncé.

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