Shay's Got A Fun New Gig

The Little Liars sure know how to keep busy, don't they? There's Troian Bellisario off learning combat skills and aerial silks in between episodes. Lucy Hale splits her (non-PLL) time between her music career and fashion design (she just had her first collaboration with Hollister). Ashley Benson recently had a (quite stylish) stint as the face of H&M's Divided. And now, the fourth little liar has a fun new gig (in addition to unveiling her new lifestyle website last month, of course): Shay Mitchell is the spokesperson for the Carmex Moisture Plus line.

Whew! Where do they find the time to do all that, film TV's most popular teen soap, and go on fabulous vacations to Hawaii?

We just don't know.

Anyway, the new collection she's promoting is quite cute, considering its a bunch of healing lip balm. It features limited edition packaging for each variety (which are lightly vanilla scented, with a touch of satin-shine and ever-useful SPF 15 to keep everything protected). They come in different prints, each modeled after a different style icon, to suit different personalities... and are you thinking what I'm thinking?

The prints (of which there are currently 6) totally suit the fashion sensibilities of each of PLL's core friend group. Let's match 'em up:

Spencer Hastings

As the preppiest of the bunch, I think Spencer would go for the houndstooth (AKA "Chic," the balm modeled after Coco Chanel).

Aria Montgomery

Okay, we all know Aria would have to have "Daring" — it's inspired by Debbie Harry which is perfect for her. Besides: I don't think Aria ever met a leopard print she could live without.

Hanna Marin

There's not quite a print that matches Hanna's new punky makeover, but "Whimsical" would definitely appeal to her old sensibilities.

Emily Fields

Mitchell herself may be more of a "Whimsical" gal, but Emily's taste is much more simple: I think she'd like this plaid.

Which one's your favorite? I'm fond of the houndstooth, myself!

Images: shaym/Instagram, Carmex