Is 'Big Brother' Houseguest Christine a Nudist? Her Comments Might Have Been Exaggerated

You have to be pretty eccentric to be on a reality TV show. Yeah yeah, the genre is supposed to document real life, but no one wants to watch someone act normally. It's just not entertaining. So producers usually cast larger-than-life characters to continue to pique our interest from episode to episode. Big Brother contestant Christine is one of those offbeat reality TV stars. Well, at least she was supposed to be.

Remember back in the second episode of the season when we first met Christine, along with seven of her fellow houseguests? In her little bio video that played before she entered the house, this is what Christine said as she packed her bags:

I wish I was just packing nothing, because then that could mean I could be naked all summer. I love being naked. I come home, whip my clothes off, and I don't care who's looking in the window.

This was also accompanied by shots of Christine checking out the contents of her fridge at home and reading while sitting on the couch in the buff. Huh? We were led to believe that Christine was going to be this season's exhibitionist verging on a real-live nudist, but she's barely been in a bikini this summer. What happened?

So the producers may have played up the whole naked thing a bit too much. Or perhaps we just heard that Christine likes to be naked at home and thought that meant she's a full-on nudist. Either way, Christine's husband Timothy Brecht recently said on Twitter that Christine is not a nudist; she just doesn't like to wear clothes when she's in the comfort of her own home.

Christine looks pretty darn nude in her bio clip on Big Brother. However, Timothy said on Twitter that he was there when the segment was filmed, and he claims that Christine was wearing a tank top and shorts as the camera was strategically placed to give the illusion that she was really going commando.

Timothy is right about the angles, but Christine's shoulders are bare in the clip, making it look like she's not wearing a top. However, she could have in actuality been wearing a tube top, which Timothy could have mistakenly called a "tank top."

Some Big Brother fans speculated that Christine's supposed affinity for nudity was her "big secret" that she alluded to during the live feeds last week. However, Timothy said her tendency to not wear clothes at home is not it.

I sure am glad we haven't seen Christine in the buff on Big Brother for one major reason — it would make her flirtmance with Cody so much more uncomfortable to watch. I mean, would it even be a flirtmance at that point? I think boundaries are more easily crossed when you're cuddling in the nude.

Just because Christine hasn't shown much skin this season doesn't mean the house has been full of prudes. When you spy on some extroverts 24/7, you're bound to see a butt crack or two. Frankie unsurprisingly did the full Grande, and Cody showed us that he doesn't need underwear to model. Hayden and Joey (remember her?) also streaked through the house earlier this season. Sadly, none of these moments made it to the Big Brother broadcast. Remember, Zach's little brother watches this show.

So will we see Christine make good on her au naturel promise? Probably not. At the beginning of the season, Christine also said, "I gotta get blood on my hands, or I can't win," before she entered the Big Brother house. We all know she has shied away from following through on that, too.

Image: Lisette M. Azar/CBS