'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Season 2 Nabs Ed Helms & Naturally, We Have Some Demands

Yet another Brooklyn Nine-Nine teaser was released, which makes me wonder why they enjoy playing with our feelings so much. However, as the Brooklyn Nine-Nine season premiere approaches, more precious bits of information have slowly trickling down. Season 2 is going to have some hilarious guests stars, and though it's not clear who they all are yet, Jenny Slate, Terrell Owens, and Eva Longoria will definitely appear. Ed Helms will also guest star on the show, which was officially announced on Thursday. TV Guide reports that Helms will appear on Brooklyn Nine-Nine 's seventh episode as a United States Postal Inspection Service agent who gets in the way when Detective Jake Peralta, played by Andy Samberg, sets out to work on a special assignment for the FBI.

Though Helms is only scheduled to appear in one episode, Brooklyn Nine-Nine executive producer Dan Goor says "anybody who enters this world can come back," so it's totally possible that this won't be Helms' only appearance on the show, which is great because Helms and Samberg will be awesome together.

As I try to find meaning in the latest 30-second teaser, I can only guess that Helms' likely character as buzz-killing Postal Inspection Service agent will be a composite of all the hilarious Helms characters we've already seen. For example:

Sassy Ed Helms

The attitude has already been brought.

Awkward Ed Helms

Things might get a little uncomfortable.

Ed Helms when he thinks he's cool

By far the best version of any Ed Helms character.

Ed Helms trying not to be angry

Hilarious and terrifying.

Ed Helms completely losing it

And maybe eating some sea creatures in a jealous rage.

Some hilarious buddy-cop-comedy moments


There will be some conflict at first

Things might get a little out of hand.

There will be Precinct 99 vs USPIS drama

SERIOUS drama.

But Helms and Samberg's characters will form an unlikely friendship in the end

Don't worry, guys. Everything's going to be OK. I hope.

Check out the newest Brooklyn Nine-Nine teaser here:


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