She's the Sweetest Brand You'll Ever Meet

by Arielle Dachille

They're done, guys. DONE! Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola and Ronnie Magro of Jersey Shore fame have consciously uncoupled. This leaves Sammi Sweetheart with plenty of time to throw into creating new perfumes and building her brand. Ya know, the usual 20-something former-reality star activities. Need more of an explanation? Let's look into what has Sammi from Jersey Shore been doing, beyond attempting to maintain the delicate homeostasis of SamRon.

Now that they're broken up (and did I mention, DONE FOREVER?!), what will Sam and Ron devote themselves to? Well for Sammi, in addition to holding her title as "the sweetest bitch you'll ever meet," Sammi has plenty of product ventures to keep her busy. Not to mention, she's gotta get on moving her stuff out of that apartment they've been sharing stat.

I wasn't kidding about Sammi's devotion to building a brand. She's become a bit of a design mogul. In 2013, she launched an online boutique of Sammi-curated women's apparel called Sweetheart Styles. Turns out, Sammi has been an aspiring fashion-o-phile this whole time. As Sammi explains on her website, "I would spend hours sewing my own shirts and making my own belts to match different outfits." Her aim in launching Sweetheart Styles was to "share her love for clothes and fashion" with the masses. While her items make look like they'd be available Charlotte Russe, they have that all-important Jersey Shore stamp of approval.

Also available at her e-store is this statement crop-top that will confirm to all passers by that you're kinda difficult.

Think she's satisfied with a mere website that sells rompers, tops, dresses, shoes, and the friggin' kitchen sink? You don't know Sammi. She also designs a line of "clutchlets" that aren't just fashionable, they're functional. These can hold all of your easily lost objects like your lip gloss, wallet, keys, and phone. Perfect for guarding all the essentials that are just asking to wander off while you're drunk.

Think she's done synergizing? Hells no! Sammi also has a fragrance called "Dangerous" in both men and women's versions. What, pray tell, does it smell like? The women's scent has notes of "Mandarin, Almond, Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Vanilla and Brown Sugar." As for the cologne, it has hints of "Sweet Melon, Juicy Pineapple, Fresh Citrus, Aromatic Lavender, Green M&M, Sensual Patchouli, Creamy Sandalwood, Airy Musk." Green M&M?! Seriously? I'm imagining that the elixir resembles a mixture of Bod and 99 Bananas.

Whew, so much product development! With all this branding, has Sammi found time for her first love, being a TV personality and sometimes actress? Well, yes. Thanks for asking! According to her IMDb page, she played herself in the 2012 remake of The Three Stooges, and appeared in four episodes of Snooki & JWoww. She's also signed on to play her first role that isn't herself in the 2015 film Here Without You. The movie is about a Las Vegas bachelor's party and is currently in pre-production. She'll finally get to put the dramatic chops to work that she previously demonstrated in the comedy short "Makeover Manor." Spoiler, Ronnie quotes Gandhi, which she rewards with a knuckle sandwich.

With all of this activity, Sammi still finds time to take selfie...

after selfie...

after selfie.

In conclusion, Sammi has projects galore to keep herself busy while the world regroups from the SamRon split. Here's to her branding ventures, her budding thespian-ship, and this infernal relationship staying DONE forever. DONE RIGHT NOW!!!

Images: Sweetheart Styles (3), Sammi Sweetheart (3)/Instagram; Dangerous Perfume