Jill & Derick's Photos Are So Adorable

by Casey Rackham

Ah, there's nothing quite like the pure joy of a wedding. And thanks to Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard's so-cute-I'm-going-to-puke Instagram pics of their blissful romance, I am basically at the edge of my seat waiting for the 19 Kids & Counting wedding episodes (the next season, which promises behind-the-scenes wedding goodies, premieres on Sept. 2). Why? Because I seriously need to know what their wedding was like. Sure, we got to see a few pics of Jill's wedding dress thanks to Us Weekly, but I need to see more photos, STAT.

Honestly, considering that Jill and Derick's Instagram accounts are pretty much solely dedicated to their undying love for each other, it's actually kind of surprising that the lovebirds don't have approximately a gajillion photos of them from their wedding day. I mean, we get a thousand pics of them side-hugging and we can't have at least a couple snaps of the wedding dress or the punch bowl? What gives? God, Jill.

If I had to take a guess, the couple might have kept the wedding pics to a minimum in preparation for the next season of Duggar-infused reality TV. So, for now, I guess I'll just have to pretend that I was at the wedding by looking at the limited number of Instagram and Twitter pics that Jill, Derick, and the rest of the Duggar clan have posted in honor of the couple's nuptials.

Their Engagement

The only thing that could have made these photos better is a personal wedding website — yes, I wish they were one of those modern couples — with a collection of pics from their engagement photoshoot.

Their Wedding Shower

They're totally a pink and green kind of couple.

The Countdown to their wedding

10 days before their wedding day and they can't bear to let go of one another? Yeah, they're ridiculously cute.

The honeymoon phase

Happy monthiversary to my amazing wife! I love you so much sweetie! #bestmonthofmylife #manymoretocome #ilovemywife

Ugh, I need more wedding photos. All I want to do is click through all of the happy couple's pics and bask in the glory of their eternal love. Is that too much to ask for? (No, it is not.) Also, can we have more cute baby announcement photos? Because they definitely won that game.

We're expecting!!! So grateful to God for this new little blessing!!! #babydilly #firsttimeparents

Image: Jillmdillard, duggarfam (3), derickdillard, Jillmdillard/Instagram