'Real Housewives of Orange County' Reunion Part 2: Lizzie & Tamra Fight, Tamra Talks Fillers, & Vicki Removes Her Gloves

At the top of the second half of the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion, the cliffs featured in the backdrop caught my attention, for they appeared to be topped with snow. Those oceanside, SoCal cliffs. Covered in a blanket of white. It didn't add up (I mean, the reunion is supposed to look like it was taped in a beach house in Southern California), but boy howdy, it REALLY looked like snow.

Here are the notes I took when I first saw the maybe-snow:

  • Are those snowcapped cliffs in the distance?
  • Or are those just greyish-white cliffs in the distance?
  • Eh, I think those are snowcapped cliffs and/or glaciers in the distance.
  • Why would there be any snow in the RHOC reunion backdrop?
  • When has it ever snowed in the OC (save “The SnO.C.” episode of The O.C.)?
  • How did I not notice those snowy cliffs when my eyes were glued the first part of the reunion?
  • Am I losing my mind?

I kept my peepers peeled for the rest of the episode. I was dead-set on figuring out whether or not I'd had a snow-lucination.

When Heather Dubrow stood up to hand Lizzie Rovsek a box of tissues, I nabbed a screengrab of the cliffs:


The maybe-snow wasn't the only noteworthy thing that went down during the latter half of the reunion: There was a Lizzie Tells It Like It Is montage, a Tamra Judge Is A Skunk In The Barnyard montage, and an apology from Tamra to Shannon Beador regarding the email chitchat drama. Oh, and there was yelling. There was so. Much. Yelling.

But like last Sunday, the Orange County Housewives also put some special quotes into my ears. So, I'm going to go ahead and list my favorites now:

Tamra to Lizzie re: not attending the birthday party: “I even gave you a one-year membership to my gym!” I appreciate the sentiment, Tam-Tam, but the memory of that sad party bus is forever.

Shannon: “I don’t want to say the show saved my marriage—“ Tamra: “That would be a first.” Andy: “Sorry if you want to be back together with Simon."I am sincerely glad we can laugh about this now, friends. And by "friends," I mean "people on my TV screen."

Shannon: “…Is this at the spooky party?"No context needed.

Vicki to Tamra re: Brooks Ayers: [Flicks both wrists] “Gloves are off.”The wrist flicks were what really pushed this over the edge.

Vicki re: Tamra: “Ladies, does she look like she’s a little bit miserable at times?”Sorry, Cohen. Vicki's moderating this reunion from here on out.

Vicki after Tamra said there’s someone better for Vicki than Brooks: “I think there’s someone better for Eddie, let’s put it that way.”[Grabs face and waits for the reunion to implode]. What's that? It didn't implode? Well, then.

Tamra to Lizzie: “I’ve been nothing nice to you.”K.

Andy re: Tamra’s face: “It looks settled today.”Andy Cohen and Tamra Judge are true friends.

Tamra after Andy addressed the work she’s had done: “Jesus, I don’t joke about your eye.”Andy’s response: “You can. Everyone else does.”TRUE FRIENDS.

What Heather has learned this season: “I think in the words of Frozen, I have learned to let it go.”Cool cool cool. Wish I had the power to "let it go" re: Terry Dubrow calling David Beador a penis. But I will, in the words of Titanic, NEVER LET GO.

What Andy has learned this season: “It took nine seasons for Vicki Gunvalson to become the voice of reason on this show.”IKR?

Heather re: the tequila shots they took to toast the reunion's end: “Are we the Real Housewives of Guadalajara? What happened to champagne?”Heather.

Next week: Secrets will be revealed. HOPEFULLY, someone reveals whether or not those were supposed to be snowy cliffs on the other side of the the reunion living room window.

Images: Bravo (2); realitytvgifs/tumblr