When Is Carrie Underwood Due? Let’s Figure It Out Based on Her Ruffly Shirt Wearing

Update: Carrie Underwood appeared on The View on Monday, Oct. 27 and when asked when she was due, responded, "I'm due in the spring!" Looks like we were right!

Like many stars before her, Carrie Underwood recently took to Instagram to share one very special announcement with the world: she's pregnant with her first child with hockey player Mike Fisher! *Pause for adequate five minutes of squealing.* Look out word, because there's going to be a baby rompin' around in mini-cowboy (or girl!) boots pretty soon, singing "Before He Cheats" at the top of their itty-bitty lungs and slaying us all with their perfect hair. How soon is soon, exactly? Well there's no way of telling exactly when Carrie Underwood's baby is due, but judging from her latest public performances and appearances, the world better not hold its breath — it's going to be a while.

Unlike celebs like Kristen Bell who waited until they were well into their pregnancies to make any official announcements regarding their bun-in-the-oven status, Ms. Underwood rocked skin-tight dresses and tank-tops up until very recently. Her televised duet of "Somethin' Bad" with Miranda Lambert at CMA Fest in June showed her wearing a top with a sheer panel around her midriff. Either she really wanted to throw any baby-bump spotters off their game, or was savoring her last few weeks before she started showing. Regardless, she looked amazing as usual.

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It wasn't until a concert she had on July 4 that things got a little suspicious. She chose a top that was festive, ruffly, and coincidentally perfect for hiding baby bumps.

Clayton Chase/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If we're going to play Celebrity Baby Detective purely off of fashion choices, Underwood is most likely expecting a spring baby. Perhaps a little April or May Underwood-Fisher is in our future? Pregnancy rumors have been following Underwood ever since her marriage to Fisher in 2010, so she's definitely no stranger to having people pick apart her ensembles in hopes of finding a lil babe hiding underneath. Who would've thought it would be Underwood's dog's outfits that would give her secret away, though?! Super cute.

Although our methods aren't an exact science, we know one thing for sure: whenever Carrie Underwood does end up having her baby, it's going to be one adorable kid.

Images: Getty Images (3); Carrie Underwood/Instagram