Is Lori Leaving Codes?

Just when we thought Carter had finally broken her pesky Lori habit. I know, we're all still stuck on the fact that Crash shot Max on Finding Carter and we're not sure if he's OK yet. But Finding Carter posed a new mystery on Tuesday night's new episode — one that might actually be as big as whether or not David might be involved in Carter's kidnapping. During her road trip with Crash, Carter discovered that Lori had left a set of nine numbers for her in their old house. So, what the hell do they mean?

There was absolutely no context for the numbers and who really knows if they were even meant for Carter? I mean, how did Lori know that Carter would end up back there, looking for a place to crash with Crash (HA, your name is dumb, Crash)? She probably didn't, but the numbers were written, conveniently, on the same wall where Lori measured Carter's height over the many years that Carter was her "daughter." So, what does "208864567" mean on Finding Carter or to Carter at this point?

It's obviously not a phone number — unless one number was missing from the shot (doubtful) and I can't imagine Lori leaving something like that laying around if she's on the run. Just begging for someone to find it. But, while it's not the most obvious reveal, there are a few different things it could be that might make sense:

A Zip Code — Regular zip codes are five digits long, but extended zip codes are nine digits long. This could be Lori's way of revealing where she's at without saying it outright. It still seems pretty risky though.

A Bank Account — This doesn't seem so likely, but anything's possible on this series, including Max surviving a chest wound. HE HAS TO LIVE.

A Social Security Number — This also seems pretty unlikely. While we don't know much about who Lori really is, leaving her SS number is an extremely high-risk move for someone that's on the run. Anyone could stumble across that and find out who she is, even if it's a gesture for Carter to really get to know her.

Coordinates — I feel like, considering Carter was dumb enough to run away with Crash, it'd be a shot in the dark to think that she'd be able to figure out a set of coordinates. And, I mean, who uses coordinates anymore?

A Code — This seems like the most likely possibility. Lori and Carter were BFFs and they definitely shared more than the average mother-daughter duo — one of the things they possibly shared? A code. Which would make perfect sense when you consider where Carter found the numbers and the fact that Lori would be banking on Carter trying to find her.

So, where in the world is Lori and will Carter keep looking for her now that she's back home with Elizabeth, David, Taylor, and Grant again? I hope not, but she definitely won't let those numbers go to waste.

Image: MTV