11 Celeb Victims of the Nude Photo Leak Who Are So Much More Than This Scandal

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Let's get one thing straight: the mass leak of celebrity nude photos is horrifying. Not only is it a huge breach of privacy, but it's also an incredibly difficult thing to go through, let alone in the public eye. Celebrities have shown solidarity with their colleagues, and legal action is being pursued. That's great, but it's still all anyone can talk about. While this is but a blemish in many successful entertainers' prolific careers, it's unfortunately eclipsing their achievements. And, some of them have been having great years. BuzzFeed published a simple but incredibly poignant post about Jennifer Lawrence that reminded me: Why are we focusing on these photos, when these celebrities have given us so many positive things to talk about instead? So, I decided to highlight some of these starlets' achievements in 2014 because they are more than a scandal.

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