'The Originals' & 'TVD' Crossover May Not Feature Klaroline So Basically It Will Be Seriously Unfulfilling

C'mon on now with the flashbacks, are we done yet? All of the excitement of Julie Plec confirming the Vampire Diaries and Originals crossover this season might have been for nothing. New spoilers for The Originals Season 2 from showrunner Michael Narducci reveal that the TVD / Originals crossover could take place in a flashback or be only for the purpose of a flashback. So, there go all of those Klaroline reunion theories fans have been obsessing over since the crossover was just a possibility based on how "organic" it would be. How unrewarding is that?

Narducci dropped some serious spoilers and the first still from The Originals Season 2 to TVLine recently and it looks like Hayley and Elijah's rocky relationship will stay rocky in the upcoming season. But the big (and seriously disappointing) news here came in a "bonus spoiler" from the series' executive producer. Narducci told TVLine about the possibility of the Originals crew heading to Mystic Falls in Season 2, "There's an interesting possibility for some flashback stuff,” because, in case we've all forgotten (we haven't) that Original family is actually from ancient Mystic Falls.

I know what you're thinking: This is total crap. Who the heck would want to waste a crossover on a flashback when there's Klaroline and Damon and Bonnie's fate and the possibility of Aunt Jenna's return? We've seen what we need to see from the Original family's and the Salvatore brothers' pasts in Mystic Falls, what could possibly be new and fulfilling enough to revisit it?

Personally, I think there's nothing more fulfilling than the Klaroline reunion, so I'm going to say nothing. But, just like we can't stop Plec from killing Jeremy over and over again, we can't stop this flashback nonsense either.

So, how would it work? There are a few possibilities.

The Esther Connection

First, we could get a crossover that has nothing to do with the Original siblings at all. I know, that'd be absurd and surely lead to outrage among Originals fans, but hear me out.

What if Esther Mikaelson, in an attempt to channel power from her former home, returns to Mystic Falls to try to find her son, Kol, on the collapsed Other Side? This would lead her to Damon and Bonnie and perhaps Elena and Co., fulfilling that theory that Esther is the only one that cane reverse the damage that zapped Damon and Bonnie in the Season 5 finale. I mean, she's the Original Witch after all.

The Brothers Original

But, really, who believes that Plec and the rest of the writers and execs at TVD and Originals camp would go so one-dimensional with this? There need to be more characters in play here — and by "more characters" I absolutely mean Klaus and Elijah. So, here's another way this can go, Klaus and Elijah have to return to Mystic Falls (with Rebekah? FINGERS CROSSED) to the place they were born and the place that became vampires. Whether they're brought there by Esther's power or not, there have to be answers there for them in how to defeat their parents once and for all — TVD and The Originals are ALL about origins and the power of birthplaces.

And, yes, during this trip to their ancient village, there could possibly be a Klaroline reunion, but the series could choose to have Klaus and Elijah return to Mystic Falls and fall into flashbacks to reveal how they can defeat Esther. Another thing TVD and The Originals both love — the important and incredibly revealing flashback. Which would make for a great time for fans that swoon over Klaus and Elijah with long hair, but for anyone else, that'd be B-O-R-I-N-G. And, again, a total waste.

We don't need go to Mystic Falls to have flashbacks, Elijah and Klaus can have them from the comfort of their compound in New Orleans. Hopefully, that's what Narducci meant. But, if not, we should all prepare to be seriously disappointed with this highly anticipated crossover. Ugh.

Images: Annette Brown/The CW; Quantrell D. Colbert/The CW