The 20 Best Schmidt From 'New Girl' Style Lessons, Because Bedsheets Never Go Out Of Style

Look, I do a lot of blogging about what television characters wear (primarily because it's a combination of two of my favorite things in the world): I've waxed poetic on the ever-fashionable Pretty Little Liars with a cumulative word-count that shocks even me (I honestly think it might be a novel's worth at this point), I've spent hours daydreaming about the fantastical costumes on Game of Thrones (especially all Dany and Margaery's cut-out dresses), and I've also put in some serious time at the J. Crew and Kate Spade outlets scouring the racks, hoping for even an ounce of Mindy Lahiri's piñata-infused style.

But today, on the momentous occasion that is Max Greenfield's 34th birthday, it's time to pay tribute to someone else — someone, who is, if possible, just as full of fashion wisdom as Aria Montgomery, Margaery Tyrell, and Mindy Lahiri combined:


Yes, he's definitely earned his one-name status (unlike "Kendall," of Kardashian/Jenner fame): In addition to being one of the most neurotically hilarious thirty-somethings on TV, he's also one of the most fashionable. Not only does he have a very distinct sense of personal style, he's also not afraid to branch out — or, as is often the case, eschew clothes entirely (at least, as entirely as network TV will allow).

Over New Girl's three seasons, he's passed on countless nuggets of wisdom... so let's take a look at some of his best advice:

1. Plaid is in

2. (And so is gingham)

3. Bermuda Shorts? A must.


4. Keep it sexy on halloween

5. Heck, you can even keep it sexy for Christmas


6. Don't shy away from your feminine side

7. Hey, men can get into eyebrow grooming

8. But classic is good too

9. Sometimes, a little Clint Eastwood goes a long way


10. You can't go wrong with a classic black T-shirt

11. Also, SUITS.

12. And pocket squares.


13. And plaid ties

14. And striped ones

15. Ikat: A Thousand Times Yes


16. Scarves

17. Cardigans + button downs are a must

18. Bedsheets never go out of style

19. But Towels are an acceptable substitute


20. But most importantly? You can pull anything off; you just have to believe in yourself

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