Ashley Perez's "What Guys Think Girls Do Vs. What They Actually Do" Video Skewers Gender Stereotypes

If this shortened week is still feeling too long for you, you'll be happy to learn that my imaginary best friend Ashley Perez of BuzzFeed Violet YouTube channel just released a new video, and it's as spot on and hilarious as everything this chick does. The latest in a series of clips that includes "Having Your Period A-Z" and "What You Think You Look Like Vs. What You Actually Look Like" (spoiler, your moves are not as sweet as Beyoncé's) is called "What Guys Think Girls Do Vs. What They Actually Do," and it skewers the idea that women are demure sissies without sexual urges or digestive tracks.

Some stereotypes do hold true though. While we're probably not spending too much brain power on whether our crushes like us, nor are we going to the gym dressed like Jane Fonda to curl two-pound pink weights (my weights are three pounds, thankyouverymuch, and I lift them while wearing a sweaty oversize men's t-shirt)... we are totally watching Bachelor in Paradise (among other, more respectable entertainment choices!) and listening to Jason Derulo (among other, more respectable musicians!).

On a day when the world lost its ballsiest female comedian, I'd like to thank Perez for carrying the "being ladylike is bullshit" torch.

BuzzFeedViolet on YouTube