Cody Should Be Booed Out of 'Big Brother' Too

As season 16 of Big Brother finally begins to wind down, Cody Calafiore is losing sympathy points and fast. You see, Cody and Christine began inappropriately touching each other at every available opportunity at some point after Nicole was evicted and it's inappropriate because Christine is, you know, married. Their relationship — and Christine herself — was so widely reviled by the audience that when she was evicted Thursday night, the audience booed Christine really, really loudly. Even Julie Chen seemed to be struggling to find a tactful way to ask about Christine and Cody's "friendship".

Look, I know that Christine has been considered a backstabbing snake ever since she betrayed Nicole and turned her back on the Nicotine friendship in order to stay true to the Detonators alliance — aka the Boys' Club that led to her ultimate demise. Her being all over Cody at all times certainly didn't make her seem more sympathetic. I mean, we all know how amazing Christine's husband Timothy Brecht is and Big Brother devoted a whole segment to how Christine and Cody's families feel about their weird little relationship. However, what everyone seems to be missing is that it takes two to tango.

Both of them had ample opportunity to shut that down, especially with how the other house guests kept calling them out on it. So, in light of all that, here are seven reasons why I believe Cody should be booed when he exits the Big Brother house.

1. He disrespected Christine's marriage.

Here's the thing. Yes, Christine was the one who was married and, yes, Christine was the one responsible for clearly defining her emotional and physical relationship with the other guys in ways that weren't disrespectful to her husband. However, Cody and Christine's relationship would never have gotten to the level it was at if Cody had rebuffed her the first time. Christine is a little guiltier, but Cody is still at fault for being so inappropriate around a married woman that the other house guests pointed it out constantly and that he could joke about getting beat up by her husband. That's disrespectful and if Christine got booed for it then so should Cody.

2. The girls are all interchangeable to him.

I don’t think Cody really cares which one of the girls in the house he’s cuddling up with as long as it’s someone. He did it with Amber, he did it with Nicole before she fell for Hayden, and he fell pretty quickly into doing it with Christine when Nicole was gone. Yeah, all the guys and girls cuddle with each other, but Cody is just prone toward flirtmances with interchangeable women in the Big Brother house. So not only did he disrespect Christine’s marriage, but he didn’t even have the decency of doing it because he cared about her.

3. He laughed at Frankie's rape joke.

All the remaining house guests should get booed for this, but, then again, they didn't show it on CBS. Basically, Frankie joked about raping Victoria on the Big Brother live feeds and none of the house guests responded with, "You disgusting pig, shut up right now." The closest anyone came to that was Derrick laughingly pointing out that Victoria's father could be watching this because that's a better motivator than common human decency, apparently. Cody didn't try to stop Frankie at all and just kept laughing it off. Boo the hell out of him, America.

4. He never makes any big moves.

Every single time Cody becomes HoH, he tricks us into thinking he's going to shake up the house and then caves in to whatever his alliance wants. For example, back before Christine was the new Amber, Cody became HoH and wanted to get Caleb voted out of the house. After all, we all remember Caleb's creepy obsession with Amber and Cody feared that all the serial killer stares Caleb was giving him meant that Caleb would target him. Ultimately, Cody ignored what was best for his game and went with the alliance, because Cody barely plays this game more than Victoria.

5. He nominated Donny for eviction.

Never forget the beard guys. I would boo every single person left for disrespecting Donny's beard.

6. He didn't even like Christine anyway.

You would think that when the house decided that it was time to get Christine out, that Cody, her PDA buddy, would be the one person to vote for her to stay. You would think. However, not only did Cody trash talk Christine every time an alliance member came to him with concerns about her but he also voted her out without a second thought. There's a reason Christine didn't even hug him as she left.

7. He didn't get Frankie out.

Cody had the chance to backdoor Frankie and instead he decided not to use the Power of Veto so they could send Donny home. Which means Frankie Grande, the house's current villain and rape-joke machine, is still here and likely to make it to the Final Four. Ugh, Cody. Ugh. Or should I say BOOOOOOOOO?

Image: BB_Updates/Twitter