Robert Graham & Sarah Herron Hit The Fantasy Suite On 'Bachelor in Paradise' & It's Pretty Disastrous

Any time you build a date up in your head it's likely not to measure up. That goes double for Bachelor in Paradise 's Fantasy Suite dates. Chris Harrison sent all three remaining couples on an overnight date to determine the future of their relationship and Sarah Herron was pumped about her date with Robert Graham. "I really, really want it to go great," she enthusiastically told the camera. "I've watched these overnight dates on TV growing up and they're so romantic." Oh and then she topped it off with, "Knowing Robert is on the same page as me is one of the most perfect things in the whole world."

Sorry Sarah, but things are definitely not going to turn out amazing if the BIP editors are laying it on so thick before you go on the date. And predictably for Sarah it turned out very disappointing.

While Lacy and Marcus and Michelle and Cody got it on in the suite, Sarah and Robert just went to sleep. The lack of physicality really upset Sarah. "I feel rejected," she said the next day. "He didn't want to be physical with me. No touching my leg, no spooning me. His hands did not touch me anywhere below my neck."

Unfortunately, where Sarah was unhappy, Robert was feeling good. "It was just perfect," he described the overnight. "I feel great." We learned from Andi and Juan Pablo that when two people emerge from the Fantasy Suite with totally different opinions on what happened, it tends to go badly.

This case was no exception, and afterwards Robert and Sarah parted ways and left the show in tears. "It's hard for me to tell people I love them," Robert lamented during his exit. "I liked taking it slow with Sarah." But in the end, though they liked each other it wasn't enough to make it work on a physical level.

Though, it's not all that unsurprising that they weren't able to follow through on the intimacy side of their relationship. It took them quite awhile to kiss each other and even then it was an awkward encounter.

It's too bad that their Paradise romance couldn't make it to reality, but it's probably for the best since they were on such different pages. Here's hoping they each find the person best suited for them soon. They're nice people and they deserve to have that love.

Images: Francisco Roman/ABC; Martha Sorren