Andrew Was Fired from 'Below Deck' But He'll Be Just Fine Because He Apparently Has Nine Lives

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This guy had a rough go of things on Bravo's undercover hit. You know, because Below Deck star Andrew lied about his experience working on boats, endangered everybody's lives, and became completely overwhelmed by his own scheme. I don't think anyone, including himself, was surprised when Captain Lee passed him one of those one-way tickets back home he's always yammering on about. But you might be more surprised to find that Andrew is the kind of guy who continues to land on his feet; for example, he was hired on another boat right after being fired from Ohana... and then Andrew was fired from that boat too.

Some may consider him the worst, but against all odds, it looks like Andrew still has a few friends on board Ohana, a blooming career in modeling and acting, and a pretty go-getter attitude, beneath the more obvious lying and cheating attitude. He's going to be just fine. (Probably.)

Image: Tommy Garcia/Bravo

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