5 Times You Can't Wear White After Labor Day

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Fashion rules are made to be broken. I say this only when someone points out a blatant fashion faux pas that I am committing at the time. I'll usually make a claim that I'm being a trend-setter (even when I'm not) and that someone, somewhere is also confused on the dos and don'ts of fashion. That's why I am the biggest fan of the recent fashion rules getting ditched. It only takes one person to break the unjust fashion rules of a time in order for us all to happily jump in sync and decide that we are reclaiming the Canadian tuxedo or wearing white after labor day.

It dawned on me recently, however, that even though some rules are indeed made to be broken — they come with exceptions. Let's say you are truly looking to work that denim on denim look, then you certainly don't want to be caught in a strange denim-combo that makes you look like you just stepped out of Waynes World. Well, actually, that sounds kind of cool... but you get the idea.

Wearing white after labor day has been something we've all secretly longed to do. Even though we have no idea why the luxury was never afforded to us, we followed along, secretly wishing for a white blazer to brighten up our all-black outfit. I mean, why is white even a summer color anyways? In the summer I am sweaty and you know what color sucks to try to get sweat stains out of? White.

Don't get too eager with your ivories, though. There are still some places where it is just not a good look to wear white after labor day. Such as:

1. Your Jealous Best Friend's Wedding

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Maybe you've been rivals for years. Maybe you already had her dream wedding. Maybe she has just turned into a complete bridezilla. Regardless, no one is going to think too kindly of you upstaging your bestie in a beautiful white gown. Of course, I'm not saying it's never OK to wear white to a wedding, but proceed in white to a friend's special day with caution.

A Funeral

Hopefully, wearing white to a funeral is already on your list of dos and don'ts. If not, I hope I've gotten to you before you show up to Great Aunt Betty's funeral in a white suit. Perhaps Betty would appreciate the gesture of someone lightening up the celebration of her life, but funerals are known for being for the living and the last thing you want is for anyone to think you've got on disrespectful attire. Let's just say it would be hard to live down.

Hot Dog Eating Contest

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This is possibly one of the worst colors you could wear to a hot dog eating contest, unless the goal is to showcase just how many hotdogs you've eaten after you waddle yourself to your car or train in pride/shame. In fact, white should probably be avoided for all food-based contests.

The Ice Bucket Challenge

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The Ice Bucket Challenge does not need another reason to be mocked, but it has been turned into a wet T-shirt contest. I'm not saying wearing white will hurt the cause, but it might damage your modesty. Raising awareness is the number one reason for the ice bucket challenge, and you don't want to distract anyone with your beautiful bod.

Apple Picking

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Nature is messy. In my apple picking experience, the good apples are on top so you'll definitely be climbing, unless you're good with all those measly ground fruits. The last thing you want to do is wear white jeans when you're scrambling up to the tallest branches.