There Will Be More Finn

Last season we saw the loss of one main character and the introduction of another: After Josh Charles' Will Gardner was killed, Matthew Goode became a Good Wife series regular. His character Finn Polmar was quickly brought onto The Good Wife as an Assistant State's Attorney, and we saw him begin his campaign for his boss' job: State's Attorney. It was easy to assume he would win that race because he appeared to be the perfect candidate for the job. Plus, securing the job for Polmar would buy him more time on The Good Wife for seasons to come and allow him to continuing filling the Will-void in our lives. Then... Finn's campaign fell apart. Now, we're left hoping that The Good Wife Season 6 includes the disgraced Finn Palomar, despite that whole bribing-a-prosecutor-to-save-his-sister debacle.

The good news is that from Episode 1, Finn will be back. So for anyone worried that this new good(e)-looking guy was leaving before anything else insane happens, don't fret. Finn's sticking around for a while.

But after bowing out of the race, what's left for Finn in Chicago now?

Just because he's no longer in consideration for State's Attorney (What do you say, Alicia?), he's still a series regular on the show. Considering even showrunners Michelle and Robert King admitted in an interview with TVLine that Finn Polmar was brought to The Good Wife to add a jolt of male energy as as an actual replacement for Will, it's unlikely he'll be going anywhere for a while. (For the record, I think it's kind of rude to introduce a replacement character during the same episode that everyone's favorite character is killed off, but that might just be me. Also, what does a "jolt of male energy" even mean? That sounds like someone is getting electrocuted, Frankenstein style.)

Plus, even though the Kings are doing a pretty good job tiptoeing around the fact that they've introduced Finn as a potential love interest for Alicia, I find it hard to believe that's not the case. Alicia and Mr. Big... er, I mean Peter agreed to separate, but still remain married for the public, so Finn and Alicia would be a real win-win romance for everyone. Plus, it would be perfect timing for Finn, no? We don't need a cross-examination to see right through this clever evasion.

Image: Jeff Neira/CBS