Has She Made Her Move Yet?

In some ways, last year was all about new beginnings for Real Housewives of New Jersey 's Dina Manzo. Dina announced her separation from her husband of seven years in February 2013. Then she returned to RHONJ nearly four years after leaving the show. And she had to start preparing for her only child, Lexi, to graduate from high school and head off to college.

Change is never easy, but having some consistency in your life helps ease the transition. For Dina, that very well might have been her home. We actually saw Dina go house hunting during Season 1 of RHONJ. Dina's sister and fellow Housewife Caroline accompanied her back when they were still on good terms. Though Dina wasn't much of a fan of the home, which was said to be listed at nearly $3 million during the episode, once she stepped inside, she fell in love, and that's the home she still lives in during this season of RHONJ.

Unfortunately, Dina's current situation with Tommy complicates things. The couple is separated, and no one has filed for divorce yet, as far as we know. However, Dina dropped the bombshell on RHONJ that she and Tommy still live in the same house.

OK, that sounds even crazy for a Real Housewife, so it makes you wonder whether or not Dina is planning on moving out of the house anytime soon. I mean, most people can't stand to be in the same room as their exes, let alone live with them. All of this sounds more awkward than learning about Rino's alleged tryst with wife Teresa Aprea's mother from Victoria Gotti.

However, Dina seems very slow to part ways with Tommy completely. Dina paid a visit to Untying the Knot's Vikki Ziegler, a Bravo-approved New Jersey divorce lawyer, about moving forward with her divorce from Tommy during one episode this season. But all we learned is that Dina isn't ready to pull the trigger yet, and that also probably includes moving out.

Dina hasn't announced any plans to move yet, and from what I can tell from her recent Instagram photos taken inside of her home, the decor in many of them resemble the home we see on RHONJ. Radar Online reported in January that Dina would be moving out of her house when the filming on this season of RHONJ wrapped, but since there are no named sources in this story, I would proceed with caution in believing that.

What we do know is that Dina has an apartment on the other side of the Hudson River in New York, which is where she presumably retreats to in order to get some alone time. Maybe this also means she could possibly join Real Housewives of New York City next season? Andy Cohen, get on this.

If and when Dina decides to move out, it's probably going to be a bittersweet experience for her. Sure, there's the promise of leaving bad memories of a rocky relationship behind, but she's also leaving behind that amazing closet, which is the real tragedy here. I just hope wherever she goes next is an even better pad for her adorable crew of unconventional pets. That's what truly matters.

Image: Heidi Gutman/Bravo