Miss America Is Adding To the 'Frozen' Overload

I think it's time that we all accept the fact that Frozen is not going anywhere for a very, very long time. How can it, when it's constantly injected into every other facet of pop culture? The latest culprit is the 2014 Miss America competition, which obviously could not get through its two hours without a Frozen tribute, courtesy of Miss Alabama Caitlin Brunell's dance to "Let It Go." Yes, "Let It Go." She couldn't even give us a break with a ballet rendition of "Love Is an Open Door" or "For the First Time in Forever."

During the talent portion of the show, Brunell did ballet to "Let It Go," in the only outfit anyone would ever wear while doing ballet to "Let It Go," a sparkly blue and white leotard/skirt hybrid. It's like snow! Get it, guys? I think it's safe to assume that despite her best efforts, Brunell won't be earning any points for creativity.

However a little informative blurb that popped up during the performance made me wonder if Brunell really cares about her score. Apparently, it's her dream to be on Broadway. Hmm, isn't Frozen being adapted into a Broadway show? Maybe by choosing "Let It Go," Brunell wasn't giving in to this year's most overplayed song and never-ending fad, but giving a subtle audition for the Broadway show. Hey, it's not a bad idea. Here's a sample of her performance. Think she's worthy of a starring role?

She may have the costume ready to go, but I wouldn't make any plans to move to New York if I was her. The ballet wasn't that impressive, but more importantly, that's all she did. Everyone knows that whoever gets cast in the Frozen play needs to have a killer voice above all else. Sorry Brunell, but maybe you'll probably need to add yet another "Let It Go" cover to YouTube if you really want a chance.

Image: Disney