Can You Make 'Clueless' Out of Play-Doh? Yes.

by Mallory Schlossberg

Happy National Play-Doh Day! Nothing says "I'm a grown-ass woman" like openly admitting your love for your favorite childhood toy: It's time to get nostalgic about that time you accidentally ate it! However, that might not be the best way to celebrate the childhood-revering holiday. In fact, the best way to celebrate Play-Doh Day — other than kindly requesting to borrow some from the kid you babysit — is probably to check out these awesome Play-Doh sculptures of classic movie and television scenes. It's Play-Doh art! And dare I say it, but it looks a little like fondant — so even though you can fully comprehend that Play-Doh is not edible, you might find yourself taking these pics to the local bakery and kindly asking for a Cher Horowitz outfit cake.

But if a Play-Doh inspired cake doesn't suit you, you can just peruse these seriously impressive pics below. They look like the real things. In fact, the Play-Doh Bayside High looks more like Bayside than the Bayside in the Saved By The Bell Movie — actually, nothing looked so hot in that movie. Come to think of it, a Saved By The Bell Movie made entirely out of Play-Doh would probably be a zillion times better than that movie was. See?! I'm getting older, but Play-Doh is still encouraging my imagination to run wild.

Saved By The Bell

Just think: a Play-Doh Mario Lopez with Play-Doh defined abs.


No, you're the one that I want, Play-Doh Danny Zuko.

Monsters Inc.

Don't squish this art!

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Did Ferris Bueller take a day off... or did he morph into Play-Doh?

Mean Girls

Regina George loved writing nasty messages about her classmates in Play-Doh.


Cher always looks chic — even when she wears Play-Doh.

Images: Pixabay; Play-Doh