Sure, she's sits front row at London Fashion Week next to Kate Moss, is BFFs with Jourdan Dunn and just launched her very own Mulberry collection, but I assure you — Cara Delevingne is totally like us. Pinky swear. Well, sort of pinky swear. ELLE magazine recently interviewed Cara Delevingne backstage minutes before she lead the troop of long-legged beauties down the runway for Topshop and the quick interview revealed that Delevingne is a lot more like us than we originally thought.

It's scarily easy to forget that those stunning, confident models strutting down all these Fashion Week runways are humans too. To be fair, however, Delevingne is probably one of the most relatable models in the business. She's got a wicked sense of humor, an approachable visage (probably because her tongue's sticking out of it all the time), and a laid-back style that feels like any one of us normals could replicate it if we really tried. Now, we have this ELLE interview, that proves her I-could-totally-be-best-friends-with-this-girl-IRL status even more. From her YA novel obsession to her favorite junk food, here are the wonderful things we all have in common with the Great Cara.

1. She's a Big Fan of John Green

It wasn't too long ago that we were all obsessed with John Green's The Fault in Our Stars. As it turns out, Delevingne was probably a part of the Augustus Waters-crazed fan club, too. But when ELLE asked her what she had been reading, Delevingne was a bit hesitant to reveal that it was the FIOS author. At first she said she wasn't allowed to tell us, but then quickly changed her mind and said, "Wait, I will. John Green. You know, The Fault in Our Stars? I'm reading a lot of John Green. I love it. But that's all [I can say]." Hmmm, could she be reading an unreleased John Green book? Or could she be reading a lot of John Green in preparation for his next book-turned-movie?

2. She is a Devoted Lover of Bacon

If someone says they don't like bacon, you should assume the following: 1. They're lying or 2. They are a monster, because who doesn't appreciate the perfection that is a crackling pork strip? Delevingne would totally agree. In fact, she's such a fan of the breakfast staple that she decided to get a tattoo under her foot to proclaim her love. When asked why she got it, Delevingne laughingly answered, "Why do you think?"

3. She Hates Showing Up To a Place Where Someone is Wearing the Same Thing She Is

Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Is there anything worse than showing up to a party or work and seeing one of your friends (or worse, frenemies!) wearing the same exact thing as you? Back in the day, when Delevingne was a regular 'ol student, she used to avoid shopping at Topshop because everyone else did, which increased the likelihood of unintentionally matching ensembles. "I remember it was hard when I was in school because everyone my year was obsessed with Topshop. They wore it every day. So it was hard to wear the really good stuff because you knew someone else in class would have the same pieces, and you’d be twins." We're sure she'd feel differently today if she unexpectedly matched one of her BFFs, like Suki Waterhouse.

4. She prefers Comfy, Funny Undies Over Sexy Ones

We are all very aware of how insanely hot Delevingne looks in some lacy lingerie. But to be completely honest, she prefers their comfortable and cute underwear pieces. "They always have really good, really funny underwear." This doesn't actually surprise us since the top model showcases her silly side first and foremost. We're sure she has an impressive collection of graphic boypants, like the ones above.

5. Funny Faces Win Her Over

Delevingne may have one of the most beautiful faces in the industry, but she is more notorious for the funny contortions she can make with it. In order to secure this interview, ELLE's reporter had to don what she called "a face that has never once been caught on camera because it is that hideously insane." The reporter asked, "Do you think I could ask you two questions for ELLE?" to which Delevingne said, "Well, I don’t know…," to which the reporter came back and asked, "What if I made a really funny face for you?" Excited by the proposition, Delevingne said "I mean, how good is this face? How funny, truly?" Some models or celebrities would ask their publicists to kindly let the reporters know they don't have time for their questions, but even though Delevingne was minutes from opening the Topshop show, she still made time for it because she's a sucker for a funny face. God, I love this girl.

Image: Getty Images; CaraDelevingne/Instagram; Giphy