Frankie's Jury Vote Is Easy To Predict

Even a Frankie that shined as bright as Big Brother 's Frankie Grande couldn't sustain that light forever. At some point, when you're as huge of a threat as Frankie was this season of the CBS reality show, you've got to either go home or win the game (if you're lucky). The remaining houseguests finally had a shot to evict the impressive competitor during Tuesday night's live eviction, and they went for it.

It's clear from how hard Frankie played this game that he really wanted to win the $500,000 prize. Being the egomaniac that Frankie is, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if he somehow found a loophole that allowed him to still vote for himself to win this season. However, we all know that's not a possibility now, and Frankie is going to have to choose from the remaining houseguests — Caleb, Cody, Derrick, and Victoria — who to crown as this season's Big Brother winner come finale night on Wednesday, Sept. 24.

Frankie didn't seem that bitter when Cody and Derrick, two members of his alliance, evicted him from the Big Brother house. As someone who has played the game all summer and claims to be a fan of the show, Frankie knows that's just the way Big Brother goes. But since it seems like he doesn't absolutely hate any of the remaining houseguests at this point, it's not exactly clear yet who Frankie will choose to take home the top prize. Let's look at the likelihood of Frankie casting his vote for each of the remaining houseguests to win Big Brother.


It's no secret that Frankie and Caleb have been tight this season of Big Brother. Once Zach left the house, Caleb basically took his spot in Frankie's life, but probably with less cuddling. Frankie was also impressed that Caleb beat him in the HoH competition after the rewind button was pushed and I think he generally saw him as a physical threat in the game. Still, Caleb did nominate Frankie for eviction this past week and basically let it slip that the alliance wanted him gone. Considering all of that, it's fairly likely that Frankie could vote for Caleb if he makes it to the final two, but it's not a runaway for the Beast Mode Cowboy.


Like Caleb, Cody and Frankie also seemed fairly close in the house throughout much of the season. However, when Frankie got evicted, he told host Julie Chen that he believes there's a lot that Cody was hiding from him during the season. Oh, is Frankie in for a truth bomb or two when he sees this season's footage. Taking this new revelation into consideration, I think Cody has the least chance of snagging Frankie's vote at this point.


Frankie and Victoria are kind of like old friends who will never stay mad at one another. They immediately formed a friendship upon walking into the Big Brother house and have stayed affectionate toward one another ever since. Still, Frankie knows Victoria couldn't win a Big Brother competition to save her life — literally — and that she has been carried throughout the competition. Frankie won't vote for Victoria because she did nothing to earn the title of Big Brother winner.


After just winning the HoH competition during Tuesday night's episode and generally using his Jedi powers to secretly control the Big Brother house, this game is Derrick's to lose, so it's not like Frankie's vote would make or break him. However, it seems like out of the four remaining houseguests, Derrick is the one Frankie would most likely choose to win. Derrick has earned the respect of most of the houseguests this season, especially Frankie, who told Julie during his exit interview that he really admires Derrick for playing Big Brother for his family.

Not only was Frankie in an alliance with Derrick during the whole season, but he was also one of his Team America partners, so Frankie knows the work that goes into Derrick's skillful manipulation. Knowing the game and being a fan of Big Brother, I think Frankie will vote for the houseguest who truly deserves the prize, and that person is undoubtedly Derrick.

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