Latest 'Homeland' Season 3 Trailer Called 'Haunted' Delivers On Its Promise

In just over a month, our Sundays will once again be ruled by Carrie Mathison, and we couldn't be more thrilled. There's a lot that's led up to the Homeland Season 3 premiere — we've learned that the show's writers actually wanted to kill Brody in Season 1, we've been asked who we can trust, and we've sat through an intense audio-only trailer that left us both exhausted physically and emotionally — but now, in this latest Homeland Season 3 trailer called "Haunted", the powers that be are trying to get us to think. Awesome.

Set to "Love Song" by Adele, we see a clean-shaven Brody in a black hoody sitting on Carrie's bed. Is he back? Is it a fantasy? Who knows. We also see Carrie and Saul exchange exasperated glances. Is he mad at her? Did she just get back from Canada? Your guess is as good as ours.

The new poster for Season 3 pictures Carrie in between Brody and Saul with the tag-line "Pledge Allegiance." Easier said than done, Season 3 poster. Easier said than fucking done. If Carrie doesn't know who to pledge allegiance to — Brody, Saul, or America — we don't know, either.

Except that we kind of home that she sticks with Brody. We mean Saul! No, Brody.

Damn you, Homeland. Damn you.

Watch "Haunted":