Who Is She Dating Now? Well, Rumors Say...

In an ideal world — or at least in the minds of every Pretty Little Liars fan — the cutest celebrity couple would be Lucy Hale and Ian Harding. It'd be just like Aria and Ezra, ya know, minus that whole illegal, dating-her-teacher aspect. So that pretty much means they'd be perfect together. Anyway, I digress. That's merely a PLL fan fantasy. In real life, Lucy Hale is rumored to be dating Adam Pitts, not Ezra Fitz. (Hey, at least their names rhyme!) Before you get too disappointed, these two seem to be a great match. He's the drummer in the band Lawson, so they can definitely bond over their mutual love of music.

While neither of them has confirmed the news, their Instagrams pretty much say it all. They're basically in that same "it sure does seem like they're dating" boat as Ariana Grande and Big Sean. They haven't said it, but they haven't not said it either. According to E! News, a source who saw Hale and Pitts shopping together over the weekend in LA says, "They totally looked like boyfriend and girlfriend."

I know, I know. That quote sounds like it came from a 13-year-old, so it may not be legit. Instead of blindly believing it, let's look at the evidence of their rumored romance.


You know what they say, a couple who shops at Urban Outfitters together, stays together. (Does anyone actually say that?)


The caption suggests Pitts was the better bowler, but looks like friendly (or flirty) competition to me.

Sharing A Coke

Hmm, don't you share Cokes with important people in your life? And I'm guessing that despite what the can says, he is not her mom.

Being Vampires

Following in the footsteps of Edward and Bella, vampires know true love. This goofy teeth photo seems pretty coupley to me.


Do you go on fancy vacations and pose for photos like this with people you're just friends with? Perhaps. But that's super unlikely.

Wearing The Evidence

Hale's shirt says it all. Sure, it's backwards, but "Dibs on the Drummer" is a clear message. This is like the Instagram equivalent of a subtweet, right? We're on to you, Lucy!

Here is the final (and most adorable) piece of proof: Hale is Pitts' long-time celebrity crush. According to an astute Twitter user, in a 2013 magazine interview, he said she's his dream girl. Awww!

Images: Adam Pitts, Lucy Hale/Instagram