Say Goodbye To Teresa's Mansion on 'RHONJ'

To say things are not going well for Real Housewives of New Jersey 's Teresa and Joe Giudice would be an understatement. Unless you live in a town that doesn't sell magazines or have access to the Internet, you should know that the couple stars has pled guilty to several counts of tax and fraud charges. Possible prison time for the couple, who have four daughters, also looms (Teresa could face from 21 to 27 months, while "mastermind" Joe is looking at anywhere from 37 to 46 months), as their Oct. 2 sentencing approaches.

And on top of all that court mumbo jumbo, there have been the pregnancy rumors ("there is no truth to the rumor," Teresa's legal crisis manager Wendy Feldman told E! News), divorce rumors, questionable psychics, and, probably worst of all for the couple, a diss from Bravo's Andy Cohen himself.

Got all that? Phew. Now get ready, because there's more. The troubled couple has reportedly put not one, but two of their prized Jersey homes on the market. Those court fees ain't cheap, guys.


Early this month Teresa and Joe listed their Towaco, NJ. mansion for a cool $3.99 million, according to Variety. The couple, who bought the house in 2002 for $530,000, will make a mean profit on the renovated 10,000 square foot beast. There's six bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms, and a master bedroom that includes three walk-in-closets and and "a Grecian column framed soaking tub."

A source told E! news that the couple's macmansion "is a house that has a lot of bad memories for them" and that "it's time for a change. They feel it will be a positive one."

The source also shared that the Giudices "want to move into a space that's less about entertaining and more about family."


That "family space" won't be found at the couple's beach house, which according to Radar, is about to be put on the market. A source told Radar the couple's vacation home will be listed "in the low $300,000 range" and that the money from the sale of the four-bedroom Beach Haven West property will be used "to pay off some creditors" and give the Giudices some cash.

Unlike with their luxury mansion, parting with the waterfront beach house was much harder for the Teresa and Joe. “It was a very tough decision for Teresa to decide to sell the house,” the source revealed. “Knowing this would be their last summer at the beach house was bittersweet for her, but she knew it had to be done.”

Does this mean we'll see a season of Real Housewives featuring a modest starter home? Only time will tell.

Image: teresagiudice/Instagram