We Need A Little Frankie To Liven Things Up

It's no secret that Big Brother 's Frankie Grande has said things this season (some downright revolting) that have gotten him into trouble outside of the house. And some viewers also didn't like the fact that he was a "famous personality" before entering the Big Brother house. But with all of that said, is it possible that as much as people might not have agreed with aspects of Frankie's game or actions, that when he wasn't being horrible, he was one of the reasons the show was entertaining? Frankie, and his showmance partner Zach — and even Caleb — were a few of the most entertaining personalities to watch on the show, and now that they're gone, the show is kind of... boring.

Sure, I like to watch Derrick and Cody talk game. And sure, I like to watch Derrick talk to Victoria about his game. But seriously, these three remaining houseguests are so boring to watch. This seems to happen each season, after all, these houseguests have spent 90 plus days together, what more do they possibly have to talk about with each other? And especially these three, because unless Victoria comes out of nowhere and blindsides Derrick — HA, won't happen — then this game feels pretty much like an open and shut case, right?

On Thursday, the houseguests made due with what they had for entertainment purposes, when they threw plastic limes into pots as a form of basketball. It ended up becoming the first game that Victoria actually "won" in the house, as she got the most limes into the pot.


If Frankie were still in the house, we could probably expect any of the following:

  • A sequel to the first Big Brother Broadway play
  • Singing Ariana Grande music
  • Telling a dramatic story about his social media fame
  • Making up a story about a past season of Big Brother

And while some of these things were kind of annoying — that play was a disgrace as we lost Donny because of it — at the time, right now, I would listen to Frankie tell an Ariana story any day.

If Zach were still in the house, we could probably expect any of the following:

Look, if I'm paying for the feeds, I'd like to at least see some dancing going on.

If Caleb were still in the house, we could probably expect any of the following:

  • Talking about Brett Eldredge
  • Talking about his future movie/singing/ modeling/ celebrity career after the show
  • Not using the phrase "Heard Dat"
  • Ninja moves

Take a hint Derrick, Cody, and Victoria! Let's make the last few days in there exciting, please!

Images: CBS (2); AllBBUpdates/Tumblr (5)