It Doesn't Get Any Cuter Than This

In some ways, this is just a testament to how truly awesome Zoe Saldana is: Even pregnant, the actress can pole dance better than most women who aren't carrying a child can — and by "better," of course, I mean "hilariously," but that's what really matters anyway. Case-in-point: A cute, new video of Zoe Saldana attempting to pole dance that she posted to Instagram just yesterday. According to Us Weekly, the Guardians of the Galaxy actress found a most creative way to pass time at Dulles airport, after leaving the 2014 Hispanic Heritage Awards on Friday. After all the stressful run-ins she's had to deal with from the paparazzi since announcing her pregnancy, it's definitely good to see Saldana letting loose and sharing some of her more candid pregnancy moments.

Anyone familiar with Saldana is likely aware that she isn't exactly big on giving out any deets about her personal life. Last year, she managed to keep her marriage to hubby Marco Perego off the public radar until three months after she'd exchanged vows with the Italian artist in a private ceremony — and earlier this year, Saldana defended her right to privacy when she lashed out at the media for announcing her pregnancy, which is totally understandable.Now that she's gotten that off her chest, however, she appears to be more comfortable with displaying her baby bump, and has been seen rocking her pregnancy curves on red carpets and looking awesome in the process. Saldana's latest mommy-to-be moment is no different (albeit, perhaps a bit more goofy).

Take a look at Saldana getting her pole dancing groove on below (with even Perego joining in on the fun!):