She Just Got the Ultimate Compliment

She may be knee-deep in Grammys and golden moonmen, but Taylor Swift officially made it recently when country queen Shania Twain gave the newly-minted pop star her blessing. At an event for the Dilawri Foundation, Twain had glowing things to say about Swift and her official transition from country singer to pop star with her new album, 1989. Twain said:

I think that everybody should just follow their heart and do their artistic best, and just enjoy their creativity. [Taylor]'s a singer-songwriter-performer, she does it all ... the world is her oyster. She's young and she needs to just do whatever she's having fun at and I think everybody's loving it.

Praise from the All Mighty Shania Twain! That's huge! This right here is the woman responsible for "Man! I Feel Like a Woman" people! And a woman who has been in the biz for a long, long time. Swift must be on cloud 9 right now. Awards are cool and all, but a compliment from someone you look up to (I'm assuming Swift looks up to Twain)? You can't beat that.

So, basically, unless you're a scorned ex-boyfriend of hers or Katy Perry (maybe), Swift can do no wrong. She throws casual pizza parties for her fans; makes one of the catchiest songs ever; generally seems like a nice person; and now gets praised by one of country's biggest queens. The woman can't be stopped.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

No doubt, it's good to be T.Swifty right now.

Image: Getty Images