'Girl Code' Stars on VMA Moments You Didn't See

If you haven't been watching MTV's Girl Code, the series in which funny women talk about everything from sex to best friends to food and more, you should be. Two of the show's funniest ladies are Carly Aquilino and Jessimae Peluso, comediennes who definitely aren't afraid to tell you what they really think. And the pair has partnered with Olay Fresh Effects for their #nofilter campaign, in which fans can tweet their best personal stories, sans filter, to @FreshEffects for a chance to have the comedians re-enact it — and make it hilarious, of course. And, what do you know? Aquilino and Peluso also took off the filter when they spoke to Bustle about Sunday night's MTV Video Music Awards.

The Girl Code stars were right there on the VMAs red carpet and in the Barclays Center for all of the night's crazy moments. So if you were wondering what it was like be right next to the action while Miley Cyrus crawled out of a teddy bear or when Kanye West took the stage, you're in luck. (And not only because Bustle's own Alex Finkel shared her experiences from the pit.) Aquilino and Peluso told us all everything that happened at the awards, plus what they thought about the 'NSYNC reunion, the fashion, and, of course, that Miley performance. They even let us in on a few things that weren't caught by MTVs cameras. Here's what they had to say about those moments and more.

Their Favorite Performance

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Jessimae Peluso: Kanye, oh man. He’s just an artist. He’s on a different level than everybody else.

Carly Aquilino: I was alarmed, I was like Kanye’s gonna fall off the stage, it’s really dark in here and he can’t see. I was like nervous that Kanye was gonna fall. I was like he’s gonna fall into the crowd and they’re gonna carry him around forever.

JP: Bruno Mars, oh my god. He blew me away. Like I went to talk to him and he blew me away, pushed me down the hall.

Justin & Those Four Other Guys

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CA: He was so good. He ran all over the Barclays Center and didn't even break a sweat. I wish that 'NSYNC was more in it though. They just did a little little bit of a few different songs and then they just sank back down into the stage.

JP: It's like 1998 again! Get back up here! Why are we putting them in the hole? Get out of the basement, JC Chasez!

CA: Are they still working?

JP: No! They're working in the basement of the Barclays Center. They're janitors and they're, like: Okay guys, get into your dance outfits.

CA: They looked great. And not for nothing but Lance Bass looked phenom.

JP: Lance Bass looked awesome. Joey Fatone looked like he might have had a heart attack.

CA: He was trying really hard to keep up and they were like, "Joey, you gotta lay off the cannoli, babe."

The Crowd's Favorite Performance

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CA: 'NSYNC, I think. I mean, I cried.

JP: I didn’t see 'NSYNC because I was too busy watching Carly cry. When Justin Timberlake came on stage, she was screaming, “I know 'NSYNC is coming! It’s coming!”

CA: They literally came out of the floor and then they went back down.

JP: I think they’re still in the floor — can somebody check on them?

CA: Chris Kirkpatrick is mopping up Barclays center.

JP: Joey Fatone is handing out hot dogs.

CA: He’s working at Juniors Cheesecake.

Miley Cyrus & Robin Thicke Confuse Everyone

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JP: Miley was just too much gyrating.

CA: It wasn't her. There was an identity thing there. I guess do whatever makes you happy and what you wanna do, but personally, in the crowd, I wasn't crazy about her performance.

JP: They cut away from her on the [big] screens. They cut her off ... when she was humping her little foam finger. I feel she just found the foam finger before she went on stage and was like, "I'm gonna hump this all over the stage."

CA: I feel like everyone was kind of in shock.

JP: I just hope she found pants.

Girl Code to Meeting a Celebrity

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JP: Don’t do we what we did. I attacked Richard Simmons. I was crazy over Richard Simmons. And I told Will Smith, “I Am Legend.”

CA: Yeah, and he walked away.

JP: I told him I was a big fan and then I didn’t think he’d pay me any attention, but then he paid me attention, and then all I could say was, “I have a show. I Am Legend.”

CA: Which means nothing.

JP: Which means nothing, and then he just walked away from me.

CA: I went up to Darren Criss from Glee and was like, “I’m seriously in love with you.” And he was like, “Oookay?” And I was like “I just really wanna take a picture with you.” It was really embarrassing.

JP: Nicole Byer [also of Girl Code] goes up to Lady Gaga and she goes, “Hey, we’re on a show that you don’t watch, can we take a picture?” And Gaga goes, “Yeah I really like you.” No filter. We needed a filter.

Moments the Cameras Didn't Catch

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JP: Maybe just Miley continuously gyrating with her foam hand.

CA: And also Lil’ Kim was in front of us. Her booty was a celebrity moment I wish everybody could’ve seen.

JP: Her booty. Oh wow. I don’t even understand. She came up to us and said she loved Girl Code!

The Craziest Fashion

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JP: You know who had the craziest outfit? Richard Simmons in the mermaid costume.

AC: Yeah, Richard Simmons was wearing a bra with seashells on it, a red wig, and a green tight lame, okay? I think he was a mermaid and he was just walking around by himself—

JP: Rubbing himself!

AC: Staring at everybody, touching his chest.

JP: I love Richard Simmons. They should’ve had him present.

AC: It was so funny — he was by himself, nobody was talking to him, and I went up to him I said, “Richard, I’m a huge fan can I take a picture?” He goes, “Yeah but I have to go soon, I’m really busy.” And I was like, “Nobody knows that it’s even you, Richard.”

JP: Then he goes in the corner and kept posing by himself.

AC: He looked like my grandma.

JP: He does look like a grandma! But he’s, like, iconic, you know what I mean? I love him I was like, “ I love your workout video!”

Should the Casts of Girl Code and Guy Code Host Next Year?

AC: Yeah!

JP: Yeah! Put a word in for us.

AC: Sneak it in.

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