No More Laps for North West, The 1-Year-Old Gets a Front Row Seat at Givenchy

Well, while her parents are getting booed at Paris Fashion Week, it seems that North West has scored a front row seat to a show this week. According to Women's Wear Daily's Twitter account, Mademoiselle North West will no longer have to sit on the laps of her celebrity parents, but will sit as still as a 1-year-old possibly can at a Givenchy show.

This week alone has been an unwarranted soap opera that has demanded the front pages of websites and Twitter timelines galore. First, Kim Kardashian's nudes leak, as everyone frantically tries to put the pieces of the puzzle together and Apple Inc. continually gives us an iAintDoIt. Then, Kardashian gets attacked, which is honestly very sad, and the people who spend their time attempting to derail her trivial evolution could certainly use their skills elsewhere (i.e. maybe a football or lacrosse team?). Then her husband bares his chest hairs (again unwarranted) complemented with torn and tattered jeans, and the media raves that Kanye West has better cleavage than his wife. SAID. NO. ONE. EVER. Kanye West looks homeless, and while he whines consistently about being taken seriously in the fashion industry, he might want to start with buttoning up his shirt and not getting his hair cut to resemble a complicated road map that leads to nowhere (which is where this soap opera essentially leads). Then the poor couple gets booed. And even though Kanye tries to clear the air, it doesn't work. If I'm tired while writing the chronological mishaps of the Kimye saga, I'm sure they are equally exhausted.

Nonetheless, the adorable North West has not a worry in the world. It's not her fault that her parents are a spectacle. And that is why she, of all 1 year olds, deserves her very own reserved seat. I'll just be waiting for the video of Nori jumping out of her chair, running down the runway as Kardashian, in her staggering heels and bandage pencil skirt, goes running after her, knocking over models left and right. Now, that would give this saga the real drama that it needs.