She Jumped on the Cultural Appropriation Bandwagon

Just when we put Coachella behind us, Halloween season has crept up and re-introduced casual cultural appropriation into our lives. Following in Khloe 'Native American headdress' Kardashian's footsteps, Kaley Cuoco sported a Pocahontas-inspired outfit to a charity event in Los Angeles. Face. Palm.

According to Refinery29, the (very well paid) Big Bang Theory star attended last weekend's Charity Pro-Am horse riding competition, an event where costumes are encouraged and expected, wearing "a long dark wig and a fringed and feathered Native American-inspired costume to play the 'Indian' opposite her pro partner's cowboy." Yeesh. Glad we're starting up the whole pre-Halloween cultural appropriation conversation early this year.

Just how many celebrities are we going to have to chastise before they all stop donning feathered headdresses and the like? Has Cuoco learned nothing from the time we called out Anna Dello Russo for Instagramming a headdress and calling it her "Ibiza hat?" Since she stars in a Chuck Lorre sitcom, I'm not exactly surprised that Cuoco doesn't have political correctness at the forefront of her mind. However, call me crazy, but not dressing up in a Native American-inspired costume seems like a given to me.

Maybe Cuoco should stick to a superhero outfit or something inherently non-offensive next time she's invited to a horse show costume party.