'Parenthood' Actress Monica Potter Confirms Every Fan's Worst Nightmare

Get out the old t-shirt you cry into, because yep, someone's going to die on Parenthood, and even the cast is afraid of it. Monica Potter, who plays Kristina Braverman, confirmed to E! Online what we Parenthood fans all feared: we are going to lose a member of the family. Prior to the sixth season premiere, creator Jason Katims said that the show would "feature a major, unprecedented challenge that will influence all of the show’s characters." Many had already guessed that it might be a death, but I had tried to stay optimistic that the challenge would be something slightly less devastating. I mean, how can Parenthood take someone away from us in their final season? That's not enough time for me to grieve!

But now Potter has established that the season will include someone we love dying. (As if Joel and Julia possibly divorcing wasn't hard enough.) Fans have speculated that patriarch Zeek Braverman could be the one to pass given his history of heart problems and general lack of wanting to do anything about it. But Potter says even the actors don't know who it will be. "It's going to be someone. I don't know, I have a guess of who it is," Potter revealed. "I think one person might know and it's probably the person that it's going to happen to, but nobody else [knows]."

Well at least it's not Kristina?

Sigh. I so didn't want anyone to die but this show has a history of breaking hearts, so I guess I'm not surprised that Potter's hint about Season 6 is that it will be sad. "Kleenex will be happy! Invest now, get some stock for sure," she said, probably in a totally serious voice.

But if there's one thing that can get fans through the final season, it's knowing that the cast feels the same way we do. So, maybe we can all grieve together. "I think in some weird way we're not talking about it because we're all afraid of it," Potter said. "Subconsciously we all don't want to face that, because if I'm right in my hunch in who it is, I don't know how I'm going to deal with that. Even though it's not real."

Same, Monica. Same.

Images: headoverfeels; pinkblueyellow92/Tumblr