'Parenthood' Season 6: What We Know So Far, From Amber's Pregnancy to Zeek's Possible Death

Fall TV is starting in just a few weeks, but the premieres can't come soon enough; sure, there've been a few great summer shows to help fill our DVRs, but the time since we last saw Olivia Pope, Mindy Lahiri, and the rest of the primetime gang has felt a lot longer than just four months. The wait's been especially hard for fans of series that ended with major cliffhangers, such as NBC's Parenthood , which saw its most recent season sign off with a main character's possible, sudden, totally-expected pregnancy.

Thankfully, viewers of the tear-jerking drama will know in a matter of weeks whether Amber truly is pregnant, or if it's just a mean trick by the show's writers to get fans to freak out (which we did, thank you). Unfortunately, the possible pregnancy isn't the only aspect of Parenthood season 6 that's currently up for debate, as promos and showrunner comments have hinted at a whole lot of changes coming the Bravermans' way this season. Here's what we know so far:

It'll Revolve Around a "Huge New Challenge"

In July, Parenthood creator Jason Katims revealed that season 6 will feature a major, unprecedented challenge that will influence all of the show's characters. Although he didn't elaborate on what that'll be, many have speculated that it's going to involve the death of a character — quite possibly Zeek, judging from that ominous promo.

Sarah and Hank Are Finally Together

Season 5 saw the on-again, off-again couple finally get together, after Sarah vocalized her worries about Hank's Asperger's and Hank promised not to jet off to Minnesota or wherever anytime soon. The promo for this season featured them frolicking around a city, looking happier than ever. Sure, there may be some bumps down the road (let's be real, this is Sarah Braverman we're talking about), but it seems that the duo will at least start off the season happy and together.

But Hank's Ex-Wife is Coming Into the Picture

According to TVLine, Hank's estranged wife, Sandy, will have a recurring role on Parenthood season 6, beginning with the premiere. It's hard to be annoyed, though, considering that Sandy will be played by Breaking Bad's Betsy Brandt. We can't be that mad at Marie.

Amber May or May Not Be Pregnant

Yes, Amber could be pregnant with Ryan's baby (or maybe it's Landry's...?), but it also could be someone else's sonogram that we saw in that preview. Nothing's been said by Katims or the show's writers on the subject, but it's certainly possible that one of the other Braverman women is having a baby, not Amber.

The First Episode Will be All About "Vegas"

Not only is the title of season 6's first episode "Vegas," but Instagrams from the show's cast look like they took place in a casino. Expect flashing lights, big money, and the return of hip-hop Adam.

Julia and Joel Are Going to Have More Trouble

Isn't nearly going through a divorce enough? Apparently not, because this season will introduce a character named Chris, better known to the Bravermans as Julia's ex-boyfriend. He ends up working with Julia at her new job, which can't bode well for the stability of her and Joel's marriage.

Zeek is Probably Going to Die

In an interview earlier this summer, Katims said that the "tables are starting to turn" when it comes to the Braverman family hierarchy, and the big surprise he has planned for season 6 will revolve around a "changing of the guard." Not proof enough Zeek is going to bite it? Katims added that season 5 ended with "Adam sort of becoming the patriarch of the family." Sorry, Zeek: it was nice knowing you.

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