Selena Gomez & Kris Jenner Hung Out & They Have a Lot to Bond Over

Selena Gomez is apparently all about that carpool. After returning home from her bizzaro Paris Fashion Week trip with boyfriend-type figure Justin Bieber, she hopped into her SUV at LAX airport and that's when things got really weird. Selena Gomez offered a ride to Kris Jenner, the Kardashian Empire matriarch, even though, SUPPOSEDLY, Gomez was in a feud with the youngest of the K-squad, Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner. Who knows if Gomez and the baby Jenners made up. Who knows the inner enigmas and mysteries of celebrity feuds. Maybe Gomez just invited Mama Jenner along so her driver could use the carpool lane.

What the real question is, though, is what did these two ladies chat about? L.A. traffic is a hell beast, as is no secret, so unless they were both post-plane napping, they had to talk about something while stuck in gridlock. There's only so much you can pretend to be scrolling through on your Instagram or Twitter feeds. Though they are so disparate in age, Jenner and Gomez seem to constantly be running in the same circles — as is the fishbowl of fame, I suppose. So they could have had plenty to talk about. Here's some guesses as to the art of their conversation.

1. Kris Suggests a Pit Stop

"Do you want to get froyo? We're definitely going to pass a Pinkberry. I just can't get over those carob chips."

2. I don't know, it's from a movie

Selena: Do you know what they call a quarter-pounder with cheese in France?

Kris: What's a quarter-pounder?

Selena: It's from McDonald's.

Kris: Oh, haha! Duh. I don't know. What?

Selena: Oh shoot, I forget. It's a joke from some John Travolta movie, though.

3. Don't hate the player

Gomez admits to loving the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game. Jenner admits she can't get past the 24 hour photo shoot, either.

4. "I wanted to go..."

Jenner asks Gomez why she wasn't at that Paris dinner not-date that Kendall Jenner and a baseball-capped J. Biebz went to. Gomez says she really wanted to go, but her allergies were killing her. Seriously, she wanted to.

5. The empty nest syndrome

Jenner gets very emotional about the prospect of Kylie moving out of the house. She KNOWS she's about to be 18, and she will be an adult, but she worries, you know? She's still just a baby. And it'll be so hard for Jenner to momager Kylie if she's not under the same roof. Sometimes she just doesn't know what she's doing. It was hard enough with Kendall. Kris just isn't ready. Gomez nods sympathetically.

6. "There's an art to it..."

Jenner imparts some wisdom to young Gomez about the fine art of perfecting the selfie, teaching her some of Kim's tips and tricks. She's charitable, after all.

7. It's for back pain

Jenner admits she really liked smoking weed with her mom. But, like, it's not a regular thing. She just felt a little more at ease, you know? Relaxed. But it was just for her mom's back pain. It's not a regular thing. But it definitely shouldn't be illegal. I mean, it works so well for her mom's back pain!

And then they arrived at their destinations and that was that. Lucky driver, though.

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