How Can You Play 'Kim Kardashian: Hollywood' On Facebook? Just Follow These 3 Easy Steps

So, you don't have an iPhone or and Android (are you a caveman?) but you still want to play Kim Kardashian: Hollywood? Well, you're in luck, friends. So many great things have come out of the Kardashian Game's 2.0 update by the way of free gifts every day (and you don't even have to complete a 24-hour photoshoot, yay) and Kim Kardashian finally answering our prayers and making it so our avatars can get married, Kimye-style in KK: H . But the major update also came with something else we didn't know we wanted — you can play Kim Kardashian: Hollywood on Facebook now. Because options never hurt anyone.

It's actually impossibly easy to play KK: H on Facebook — it might actually be easier than downloading the game onto your iPhone and going through the process of connecting to Game Center and Facebook and all that jazz. The endless fun of the Kardashian Game is literally a click away when you log on from your Facebook page because, sometimes, fame actually can be easy. So, do you want to know how you can start spending MORE time on Facebook than you already do without having to stalk your little sister's best friend's cousin's brother's college roommate? Or, you know, you just want to crawl out from under the Kardashian Game-less rock you've been hiding under.

Here's how you can start playing Kim Kardashian: Hollywood on Facebook in three ridiculously easy steps.

Step 1: Search Kim Kardashian: Hollywood on Facebook

After the you click on the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Game Page, you'll be redirected to a download screen that will TAKE FOREVER to download, but it'll totally be worth it. So, sit tight.

Step 2: Wait For KK: H To Download

After a few minutes that will feel like an eternity, you'll be redirected again to a page that will look very familiar to you — if you've been obsessively playing the game on your iPhone or Android.


The Facebook version of KK:H plays exactly the same as the mobile version. You can "kustomize" your avatar and start playing right away. Happy fame-making, Facebook friends!

Images: Kim Kardashian/Facebook, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood/Facebook (3)