This Sexy 'Ted' Halloween Costume Does Not Need to Exist, But It Does — PHOTO

I don't know why or how this Halloween costume exists, mostly because I don't think I'm at the level where I can understand such insanity. Just like the sexy Olaf costume inspired by Frozen , and that sexy Sherlock costume, the Halloween costume industry has struck again with none other than the sexy Ted bear Halloween costume, inspired by Ted . Yep — you can now dress up as a sexy version of the movie about the Seth Macfarlane–voiced children's teddy bear that becomes a sentient being who loves alcohol, prostitutes, and Mark Wahlberg. Sounds hot already.

The product description for the costume — much like the costume itself — is on another level:

This three piece sexy Ted costume dress is officially licensed and includes the furry dress, the bear mittens and the Ted bear face hat. Perfect for girls named Tami-Lynn or anyone looking to be sexy and hilarious this holiday season!

Officially licensed and made for girls named Tami-Lynn. Sounds like everything anyone's looking for in a TV/movie-inspired Halloween costume, right?

Seriously, though: This is a whole new level of weird, and the bar's been set pretty high after the sexy Frozen costumes. Why would anyone even be thinking about dressing up as Ted's Ted bear, let alone a hyper-sexualized version of it that just resembles a furry dress more than it does a Halloween costume? There's nothing wrong with getting your sexy on for Halloween, this is just a weird choice to make for a costume in general.

At least people will probably know who you're dressed up as, I guess. No Karen-esque dilemmas here:

Check out the costume below.

Images: Universal Pictures,, thumbeliina/Tumblr